21 March 2010

the zen of earrings ~

'when you seek it
you cannot find it.'
~ zen proverb

i wanted to make a necklace because i needed to make a necklace... but it just wasn't there - the flow, the inspiration... but the little pile of earwires and resin paddles called to me... and i was actually able to get into a stop-start, mom kind of flow... 
here is what i found:

'to thine own self be true.
~ william shakespeare (hamlet)

with pearls for wisdom and amethyst to connect you to your higher spiritual self...

'the meeting of two eternities - the past and the future...
is precisely the present moment.'
~ henry david thoreau

be mindful of it, grown in it... with small gaspeite stones which are believed to bring spirituality to into every day life... 

love deeply, love daily

green pearls for the beauty and wisdom of adapting a loving attitude... soft fibers and pink petals to connect to nature, flowers, growth... 

'tenderness and kindness are not signs 
of weakness and despair
but manifestations of strength and resolution.'
~ kahlil gibran

fragile strength - opposites coming together in beauty... antiqued grey wire, soft fibers, translucent blue-grey iolite... delicate and not... practice loving kindess, show that caring exists... 

'yes mother. i can see you are flawed.
you have not hidden it.
that is your greatest gift to me.'
~ alice walker 

we keep wrapped up tightly, guarding ourselves... and not usually even sure against what... to open up, to present oneself honestly... to share with our children, our friends, our family our humanity... is a gift... unwrap yourself and share... 


  1. Oh my, I have just returned from my little holiday and these pieces all speak to my experience of being away in magical, centering NM. Sometimes you need to go with what is there at the moment. The necklace will come later. These beautiful earings needed to come into existence now.

  2. You were on fire today, weren't you? Lovely and inspired earrings, they were meant to be.

  3. I am so glad these surfaced for you, You have said it all in these pictures....and they are all lovely....Love deeply is my fav!

  4. I love them all! EI really enjoy creating earrings..also seems like it's all I have time to create..but barely enough time..because even earrings demand the time and attention to detail as the larger pieces:)

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  6. They are all truly beautiful - just like you!! I love the sentiments and the last pair is my favorite!

  7. ah my fren ... i feel you :) your earrings are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! it is only when there is a calling to do a certain something, that the creations would flow organically and turn out perfectly. as all of yours did... becos you listen from within :)

  8. Beautiful, Maire. So delicate and full of meaning. I also can imagine they'd be incredibly comfortable to wear because they would be so lightweight. Bravo!

  9. I love these little saying earrings. They are so creative!

  10. Wow...another stunning display here on your blog. These earrings were really calling your name...all express something wise and wonderful. I especially love the first and last pair...maybe it's that soft pink color you've added.:-)

  11. Again, Mary Jane such inspiring pieces. My favorite are the "present moment" earrings. We let so many moments slip away...these are a nice reminder to enjoy them.

  12. All of them lovely, all of them I would wear.


  13. What a beautiful and meaningful collection.....Hugs, Laura

  14. Beautifully conceived and artfully presented. Well done, Mary Jane! They're all beautiful and I adore them.

  15. What a trove of beautiful earings you created! They are all wonderful but teh "present moment" pair really speak to me (:

  16. Your creations are beautiful both in design and manufacture. I like the little messages too which are incorporated in each piece. Conversation starters.


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