12 March 2010

where did the week go?

'difficult times have helped me to understand
better than before,
how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in 
every way,
and that so many things that one goes worrying on about
are of no importance whatsoever.'
~ isak dinesin

a happy face found in a bowl of spaghetti-os

chuck gets a bath
(emily was named after penwomen emilys, 
chuck was named likewise - think 'fight club')



ceiling of an elevator

the fog rolled in 

i have had a post rolling around in my head all week - hope to get it up later... i need to empty it onto 'paper', as the room in there is at a premium!


  1. I love these posts into your everyday life!

  2. Great post!
    I know we hear it all the time, in fact over and over again, but it's the truth: we do rush around too much, we worry about things which do not deserve THAT much worry and we miss the little, subtle treasures around us...I am not remotely suggesting that we abandon our current lives in favour of living in the woods and watching acorns grow but there is a balance...like noticing the Spaghetti-Os and fog and looking up to actually see the ceiling....ox AJ

  3. Hi MJ, I love the smiley face in the bowl of Spaghetti-Os! Thanks for your kind words this morning. I was always a big Star Wars nut (the first PG movie I ever saw!). We think the SO would still be a little scared by some scenes so we haven't shown it to him yet - but it's all I can do not to start collecting the little Lego figures for him anyway. (In the meantime, it's a little known fact that the Easter Bunny sometimes brings Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends toys in place of chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. ;) )

  4. I just now realized that it is in fact Friday. So I think I'm wondering where the week has gone as well. How does that happen? Chuck looks quite cute in a drowned rat sort of way. And a smile in a bowl of spaghetti o's is a special treat. I think I will get some just so I can go on my own treasure hunt.

  5. I happen to think Chuck is just the cutest thing! "Dude, a little privacy please! I'm taking a bath, get out of here with that camera!"

  6. Wow Spaghetti-O's, I think I'd smile just easting a bowl, it's been a lifetime. How cute is Chuck? I hear you on headspace, I'm shuffling things about as I type.

  7. Is that really your little "chuck" and he is getting a bath...he seems to like it. How funny! I think I will have that image in my mind all day. LOL!!

  8. I love your week. It is the marrow of life.
    Chuck is very expressive, how long have you had him?
    Could that be flowers?!?!?! Oh, they are a sight for sore eyes!

  9. I love Chuck! I would love to have a pet rat, but my dogs would go nuts!

  10. Me, I'm still trying to figure out where last week went... you mean this week is already over as well? Chuck is really a cutie - but I don't think my cats would see that in just the same way!

  11. Love Chuck. I used to have a pet rat. Just a few years ago and I am 58. He loved me, he was smart. If I put him on the floor while I was sitting there reading the paper, he would come back to me when I called him.

    Small pleasures.

  12. Okay, that rat picture? Made me almost fall out of my chair laughing. Thanks for the giggle!

  13. That is some week...everything including the kitchen sink!!! :0)


  14. Chuck is just adorable! He looks like a character out of a Disney movie. I bet he is fun to have around.

  15. time is just flying......i loved seeing chuck, just want to high five him!

  16. I love Chuck!! What a cutie after bathing!


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