13 March 2010

sooo inspired by ~

'almond blossoms'

'paintings have a life of their own
 that derives from the painter's soul.'
~ vincent van gogh

van gogh... there is something about his work that makes me feel many things all at once... his hand and self are just so very present...

this painting was selected for the march abs challenge... (ok, so is it just the artsy ones that don't think abdominals first when we see abs?!)

these are my tribute to his work... wanting to keep things simple, i chose to make twig earrings... allowing me to highlight the use of interweaving line, strong outlines, tiny groups of flowers... i chose fibers for movement and texture (and because i love them)...they are actually more deeply colored...  emeralds were selected because of the deep green in the painting but also for their healing properties... they are known to be emotional healers... 

van gogh certainly fits into my exploration of fragile strength... 

'i wish they would only take me as i am.'

'i put my heart and my soul into my work, 
and have lost my mind in the process.'

having a knowledge of inner stillness is so important to me... it can seem fleeting and fragile... easily disrupted... yet i know it is a place to which i can return... these resin earrings carry the message in such a way... almost hidden, but always there... 


  1. Those are great! I love them both but I really love the first ones! I have to finish up my creation today!

  2. They both are breathtaking! I especially love the almond branch/twig look of the first pair. They fir the inspiration perfectly!

  3. The healing twig earrings are beautiful!!!

  4. Love both of those pairs, but the fibers are really calling to me! I have been so inspired by your use of other "soft" materials...I picked up a few pieces that I hope to use for more wire and fiber experimentation...I hope I can make things half as lovely as yours!

  5. Your work is very unique and I really enjoy the complexity of each piece. Happy creating...

  6. they're really beautiful. van gogh's work is so deeply moving. i think you have paid a high tribute with your lovely earrings.

  7. I love the resin earrings - love where you are going with these! So light, elusive and pure.

  8. The little white pearls on the first pair pick up the feeling of blossoms so well. I think that even without knowing the inspiration painting that would be my first impression. Like, Renate, my reaction to the resin earings is light, elusive, pure....Beautiful!

  9. Great new earring designs! I love how the fibers soften the strength of the metal....

  10. Congrats on being Designer of the Week. Those earrings are wonderful. so early Spring like and organic. And all those other earrings in this post are fabuouls too. You are so creative and it just keeps on coming. Love seeing your pics.

  11. These are beautiful. I am really moved by the twig earrings.

  12. what a clever girl!! incredible designs!! you are so so so talented mj!!


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