13 March 2010

meanwhile i keep dancing

'i get up. i walk. i fall down.
meanwhile i keep dancing.'
~ hillel

this week ordinary courage took on the topic of worthiness... which got me to thinking - all week... 

loathe - v. - to feel disgust or intense aversion for 
accept - v. - to accommodate or reconcile oneself to
value - v. - to regard or esteem highly

applied to oneself - self-loathing, self-acceptance, self-worth... 

so how about - instead of shooting for self-acceptance, which is certainly better than self-loathing, we shoot for valuing ourSelves... knowing that we are worthy of fair treatment, love, kindness, forgiveness... but not because of contingencies... this is another fine line - but one i think is worth crossing... is necessary to cross... 

'i get up. i walk. i fall down...' we make mistakes, we get a raw deal, we grow... they do not make you less worthy... they make you human... how do you face the challenges?
'... meanwhile i keep dancing.' do you find the beauty and the joy that are present every single day? challenges are opportunities and sometimes they can bring you to your knees... but each one holds a gift... . 

'courage doesn't always roar.
sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day
saying, "i will try again tomorrow.'"
~ mary anne radmacher

sometimes the gift is as simple as learning that you didn't give up... that you got back on your feet - and that you are much, much, much more than enough... 

thanks to leann weih for not minding that i altered her pmc charms - they were integral in telling the story... 


  1. Love these quotes and your message. Your jewelry is wonderful, filled with meaning.

  2. I love this. It's the sort of thing you give to someone at a particularly humbling time in their life, and they can appreciate it even more when things get better (because they do)! It's also a great gift to pass on to daughters. Very thoughtful and beautiful work, as usual!

  3. You always post such thoughtful quotes and they come from people oftentimes I'd never expect (like the Albert Einstein quote at the top of your blog). And then how the quotes inspire your jewelry - just lovely!

  4. Just beautiful. I always feel good when I visit your blog! So what colors do you play with in your hair at your house? Anyone gone with blues? Ha ha. Take care, Riki

  5. Gorgeous work, gorgeous thoughts. You are a beautiful dancer! xo

  6. This is wonderfully thoughtful and moving. I like the distinction you make about accepting versus valuing yourself. It's a powerful move to valuing. Thank you!

  7. I love the layered necklace, and your use of fiber.

  8. I love how you layer your jewelry with positive thoughts and good wishes, it really does shine through!

  9. The love the earthy and meaningful messages these pieces have. The messages on the pendants were such a nice surprise, love it!

  10. Thank you for your inspiring words, as always, Mary Jane. I have reread them twice. Your necklace is gorgeous.... I just love how you you create your layered designs.

  11. What a beautiful, thoughtful post. And I can't imagine that anyone would mind having their work integrated into yours when the end result is so perfect.

  12. Such beautiful words. You are such a great writer. Thanks for checking in a week or so ago. We are gearing up to do a round of In-Vitro. It's quite intense and all the pre-workup has been draining. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed. :) xo

  13. A simple thank you.


  14. Beautiful jewelry, Maire. But I love how you work out life through your blog and your jewelry.


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