22 April 2010

happy earth day!

'i only went out for a walk 
and finally concluded to stay out till sundown,
for going out, i found,
was really going in.'
~ john muir

earth day earrings are created of sterling hoops, resin paddles and soft blue/green fibers... the sterling has been fused to represent the bond that exists between all living things... the paddles have paper from an old shakespeare text - the words 'flowers', 'tree' and 'earth' can be seen on them... 

check out google's picture for today on their web search page... for the second year in a row, disney is releasing a special film in honor of earth day... 'oceans' looks breathtaking... and 'avatar' is being released on dvd... not that commercialism has anything to do with earth day, i'm just saying ... 

'if we don't change, we don't grow.
if we don't grow we are not really living.'
~ gail sheehy

'living life to the fullest' were created in mixed metals - annealed steel wire shaped into paddles for resin paper depicting sections of butterfly wings from a vintage dictionary... encouraging you to take flight... etched nickel with the words 'to live is to grow', subtly highlighted with color and sealed... sterling silver ear wires and wire wrapped blue quartz stones... to release fear and increase courage... soft grey green fibers... 

'we have to do the best we can.
it is our sacred human responsibility.'
~ albert einstein

'on being human' - the words 'being' and 'human' are again chosen from an antique dictionary and intended to be read as such - not as 'human being'... for in being human we try at the risk of making mistakes, but with the guarantee of becoming more... ametrine chosen for its dual properties - it is a combination of citrine and amethyst  and as such is believed to dispel negativity and open one up to fill the void with light... 

thank you for all of the very kind comments you left on my last post... it was so nice to be able to share and celebrate with you!


  1. Those first earrings are my favs, and I LOVE how your photographed them!

  2. Such a pretty tribute. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Your work and your thoughts are beautiful. I love them all, but 'living life to the fullest' are my favorites. regards Stefanie

  4. extraordinary pieces maire :)) i love them all!! and definitely very very apt titles for each.

  5. happy earth day...love the earrings

  6. Love them all! But esp. the second pair. Love the muted tones, and what you did with the nickel. Looks like old typewriter font! Also, your flattened wire wrap on the last pair adds nice extra interest, as do the little eyelets. That can't have been easy to do! Applying the eyelets while not damaging the resin paddles. Love your antique dictionary texts...

  7. These are all great, but I especially love that first pair!

  8. Your work is so very you! Happy Earth Day, MJ.

  9. Love these Maire, beautiful. I love working with the little resin paddles too, yours are precious. Great earrings. Hugs, Riki

  10. Very cleaver. I like the first pair best too.

  11. I especially love the earrings...To live is to grow...very cool etching ( that is my next project. I do believe I recognize the paper in the paddles, I will be sending the other books for you on Monday.

  12. Happy Earth Day! Your earrings are so precious, I can't choose a favorite because I love all three and their messages. :)

  13. Maire, your words and images always move me as do your beautiful creations. I unfortunately experienced earth day looking at the wreck of my back garden. Perhaps, I should just condidering it going back to it's intended place in nature?

  14. Triple WOW, MJ! You have really outdone yourself with these. You put so much into your pieces, the quotes, your careful selection of materials, and your spiritual energy - they are all divine. I especially love the first pair, particularly the incredible photo you used for the first image in the Etsy listing. It's fantastic.

    I feel especially blessed this Earth day to see these. Thank you! Oh yes, John Muir is one of my favorite writers to quote. He has so many that ring true with me.

  15. Mary Jane, these earrings are fantastic! I love them all but I think the third one down from the top is my favorite..but they all are wonderful!

  16. Beautiful! I'd have a hard time picking a pair, but those "to live is to grow" are so neat. Happy post earth day :)

  17. wow!! you have been very busy with jewelry (and jungle's hair colors!!) i particularuy love the first pair of earrings.; they looks like 2 little birds on a ring.. very earth!! beautiful!! always beatifuls messages on your jewelry.. i love that.. it's a real talent!! bravo

  18. Hi its been a busy 10 days or so and I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.

    I just love the first pair but had to ask are you inspired first by what you read then make your pieces or do you make a piece then match it to a inspirational piece.

    Either way you are a master at your craft and your pieces and their inspirational texts always evoke such a depth and feeling.

    I'm off to catch up on your other posts.

  19. Soooo Soooo breathtaking! I love the Earth Day hoop and paddle earrings! Wonderful words as well:D

  20. Mary Jane, your earrings are always SO incredibly stunning!! My favorite is the etched nickle pair - wow, just breathtaking. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Love them all, Mary Jane! Geez, I wish you lived close by - I would love to have a play day with you!


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