24 April 2010

head over heels, topsy turvsy, dizzily

in love!

'untitled' 1980 - 1998
lee bontecou

there is an exhibition at moma called 'all freedom in every sense'... i have to get back to this and spend a lot more time here... her work is fascinating in its physical sense, but the meaning behind it moves me... i was completely unaware of it having gone with the intention of catching the burton exhibit before it closed this weekend... no pics allowed inside of burton, understandably... filled with sketches and ideas... the thought process behind his creations were present everywhere... you felt like you were riding around in his shirt pocket observing... 

but i did get this -

for me, being in a museum is like breathing the freshest air... i get heady (i was a passionate art history major in college)... it had been 12 years since i had been in an art museum - and i missed it... terribly... 

in addition to visiting old friends like picasso, van gogh, frida, and on and on and on... i loved how my kids i had their eyes open - seeing the world differently... 

noticing light -

a sign that was upside down -

the sun - 

reflections from up high - 

a water wall -

here's wishing you a weekend filled with beauty - in whatever way it comes to you... and may it leave you feeling like you have become 'more' for it... 


  1. I am sure the Tim Burton exhibit was amazing. I would give anything to have seen that.

    I am so glad you had a wonderful time :)


  2. Gorgeous post! I went to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art down here in Alabama last weekend and felt some wonderful energy...can't wait to share pics. :)

  3. these are great photos..thanks for reminding me to get out and go to the museum..we are reasonably close to Houston's museum district,
    but don't often make the time to see their exhibits..

  4. For me your wishing came true. I've just returned from The "Art Cologne" - I think one of the biggest art fairs - there were paintings to die for. To see them so near - it was absolutly great.

    regards Stefanie

  5. That mobile is unbelievable. Had to click on it to get a better view and i couldn't stop looking at it! Now I have to make something in white howlite, copper and steel. Your tennis shoe reflection picture is really interesting, and fun to look at. You should do something with that! Submit it somewhere. Honestly, I think it's exhibit-worthy. I would frame it and put it somewhere. Thanks for sharing!--I'm an all-day plane ride away from any kind of manmade beauty so I have to get this stuff vicariously.

  6. That first piece - the untitled - is get on your knees awesome!! I used to go to the museum regularly, when I lived in Berlin. Now - well, it has been years, actually.
    Good that your heart has been filled with beauty!

  7. How wonderful to share your passions with your children. To seek inspiration and to be inspired by all around you, a sign, a truck, a reflection. I love to go to museums. I think I need a museum buddy. I don't live too close to any, so it would be fun to see the MOMA. Thanks for sharing your inspiration today! Enjoy the day, dear friend! Erin

  8. It has been several years since I have been in an art museum as well. What a wonderful experience and to do this with your children is especially meaningful. I still want to lie under that mobile in the first photo. It is such an inspiring piece. More on the artist later?

  9. Gosh almighty! You have just saved me!!!! Today, just now I have been feeling like absolutely sh*t frankly. And just went to my blog and read your very nice comment there. Which made me happier. Had to check out who you are and I bump right into this amazing post!!!! I just so much wish I could go and see that exhibition with you. I will do it over the internet though. Thank you so much! All my best!

  10. Thank you for reminding me that I need to get out to see art in museums more often.

  11. Wow! I really enjoyed this peek into your visit. Museums are wonderful ... and in the D.C. Area they are free. Laura's coming up for a friend's wedding in two weeks and that's what she wants us to do as a family ... to be sightseers in our Nation's Capital!

  12. If you have a change visit my show "Lil Picard and Counterculture New York" at NYU's Grey Art Gallery. www.lilpicard.org

  13. 12 Years! Wow that is amazing. You need to be living at a museum, so I hope you indulge this pleasure more often. I was really drawn to Lee Bontecou's work in art school, yet I am not sure why. That sculpture hanging from the ceiling is incredible and a new one for me! Thanks for sharing your energy and trip to the museum. You've inspired me to make a trip downtown to see some art :)


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