30 April 2010

on things primal

i had the opportunity to work with components made by d'arsie at mamacita beads this week which made me really happy as i have long admired her work in pewter... a friend/neighbor asked me to make her something with a pendant and i got to pick out something too... she chose the good morning pendant for me to work with... having hit a rough patch in her journey, she is learning about herself by working through it, moving forward, being kind to herself... 

there is something about morning that brings hope and optimism... the birdsong that lets you know that first light is imminent... i decided to back the pendant with copper etched with an african proverb:
'however long the night.
the dawn will break.'

my choice in healing stones was howlite and green garnet... 

as for me, i chose the wise mama...

and she is divine... i knew i had to have her... she spoke to me on a deep level and needed to become part of a personal talisman... i had a couple of ideas in my head but nothing was feeling Right... and then, shannon posted her wonderful article on the abs blog - it had to do with creating neck cuffs... i hadn't made them because i thought i had to have a necklace mandrel... shannon freed me from that! my most favorite necklace in the world as a teen was a simple wire that i would put different things on... it got lost somewhere along the way, but i never forgot it... as i read the article, synapses started firing so fast that i had to run upstairs to get my visual journal... and just as quickly started pulling out components... this was a piece that surged out of me, demanding to be born... 

copper wire formed into a cuff... one wise mama... a hammered copper paddle with 'peace' stamped into it & adorned with gaspeite a stone believed to bring spirituality into every day life... a large drop of turquoise - master healing stone... the acorn known for strength, potential, patience... a resin paddle set with a small leaf... and an ethereal enamel bead by barbara lewis - made from glass and fire and metal, but exuding delicacy and earthiness...

fibers wrapping around one piece to represent the threads of life... and all intertwined with steel wire... fragile strength... 

and look at her back - she has the tree of life on it... 

and she's mine!!

* as i thought about this necklace last night and the placement of the wise mama being directly on the base of my throat, i decided to look up the throat chakra... it relates to honesty in expression - whether artistic or personal... hmmm, this is even better than it realized!

happy friday saturday! 


  1. I loved Shannon's post, too! And it's exciting to see how strongly it inspired you. You did a great job - on both pieces!

  2. 'Wise Mama' is just wonderful! So shamanistic. I can feel the connection with all the life forces.

  3. These are powerful strong pieces. I like that and think that we should all have our own sacred adornment. How beautifully both pieces came together with such strong personal meaning.

  4. Both are very beautiful inspiring pieces! "Wise Mama" is very strong and the proverb on the first piece is something I need to remember. Lovely work :)

  5. Your words are filled with wisdom and your pieces of art are amazing. You are one "Wise Mama". Happy creating...

  6. That is such a marvel of a talisman. I love D'arsie's work. It is something to hold in your hands and admire but also feel the energy of the kind soul who created it! Wonderful pieces.
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. The Wise Mama within you is calling to be manifested in the world! An incredible necklace (or neck cuff)and just overflowing with energy. Love the resin leaf!!! Beautiful, powerful and very talismanic - LOVE it!!!

  8. I love both of them. But your wise mama, absolutly great. I read Shannons post too - what you developed out of it - adorable. regards


  9. LOVE your work~~Saw your comment at Diane Cook's blog. So glad I stopped by and intend to keep visiting! Your messages promote peace, strength, joy....thank you!

  10. MJ, Let's adorn ourselves with nothing but our neck cuffs and grass skirts and stomp around a fire tonight.
    Doesn't that sound awesome!?!

    I love both pieces and I am so glad you put such special meaning into them. Your focus on strengthening messages in your jewelry is inspiring.

  11. Magnificent! Your talisman is special, and I so enjoy that you are connected to each component, and some things you didn't even realize, but certainly your subconscious did. Your neighbors piece is beautiful as well.
    I too find the morning sooooo encouraging, the night can take me into a dark place within sometimes, and I literally cannot get out of it until I see the morning light. It has been a phenomenon that has plagued me all my life.
    Thank you so much for your encouragement and your constant support.

  12. Beautiful work! It is always nice to touch a talisman to remind you of balance and strength.

  13. Lucky neighbor to have such a thoughtful friend to help her along with her discovery.

  14. I was also inspired by her necklace cuff, yours turned out beautifully.

    That wise mama talisman is a lovely pewter focal.


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