03 May 2010

the middle

'the doors we open and close each day
decide the lives we lead'
~ flora whittemore

i have been sharing with you my journey through fear, through reluctance, through getting in my own way to attain what my heart desires and my inspiration pushes me to do... the beginning - the april challenge i set for myself... meeting a deadline for a publication (no news yet, but that's ok), a deadline to submit a piece to an exhibition at a museum, and teaching a demo at an art festival... 

behind this very heavy door was the registrar for the newark museum, it is nj's largest museum - and i had an appt this morning to meet with her~

because my piece had been accepted!
in early april, a forwarded email came in with a call for work from the museum for their 100th anniversary... my alter printed it out and decided that the piece i had just finished (thanks to erin's challenge) would be perfect... it's kismet - she argued... and so i spent the next week or so hammering out a cover page, resume and artist's statement - with the very generous help of friends - for i had never done it before! and now i have them to work off of... then there was/is learning about the photography specs - you know the drill... did i survive it? yes... was it stressful? yes... but am i elated i pushed through it? definitely... 

this middle is a process - these shifts have caused major tremors in my life... but it's about momentum and continued hard work now... and not letting the fear crawl up and over me again... 

'if you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are heading.'
~ lao tzu

be aware of the choices you make and how you treat yourself... life is a gift and very short... take risks... if i can do it, you can do it... xo 


  1. I live about 25 minutes from the museum. Congrats for pushing through! In the end, it will all pay off!

  2. That's fantastic. And please keep us posted! I'd love to see your work at the museum.

    regards Stefanie

  3. You have inspired me to take a risk or two of my own. Thanks for being brave and going first!

  4. This post is what "IT" is all about. What is "IT". It is knowing where you want to go. Pounding down the little niggling thoughts that would trip you along the way. It is accepting help from those that can help you get to your destination. It is knowing that you did the best that you could do. Its knowing that if you don't quite make it this time, at least you're headed in the right direction.

    You put it out to the Universe..its coming back to you.
    xx, Carol

  5. Your words have spoken to me and I shall listen and grow. Congratulations on your pushing through. Your artistic talents are amazing. Happy creating...

  6. That looks like quite an inaccessible door :-).
    Hopefully they put out a rope for you to climb...
    Just kidding...

  7. Congratulations on another wonderful achievement M.J.! You have found the momentum, and I hope it keeps going. You are an amazing artist, and for those that didn't know that, they will now! Hugs!!

  8. Congratulations, M.J.!!!! I wish I could give you a huge hug! What an achievement! You go, girl! You are an incredible artist and you are on your journey!

  9. Congratulations!! It is very difficult to put yourself out there but so rewarding when your art is admired by others. Amazing work.

  10. Congratulations, Maire. You deserve this and so much more!

  11. You are an extraordinary woman, MJ.
    I love you for your ability to bust through the obstacles.

  12. Congratulations!! Oh my, to have one of your pieces displayed in a museum...does it get any better than this!!?? I absolutely loved this piece you did for Erin's challenge...So excited for you...

  13. My heart soars for you, Mary Jane! This is most wonderful, and my only sadness is that I'm not able to come to the museum to see it. Someday... It's a truly wonderful piece, and I'm so happy for you!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!! This is wonderful news..you must be absolutely over the moon. So many great things seem to be happening for you, and I'm happy to see it. This piece truly does belong in a museum!

  15. Congratulations, I knew they would be all over it! I think you're one of the bravest people I know and you deserve all the wonderful things that are happening :)

  16. Congratulations, that piece is certainly museum worthy.


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