15 April 2010

show up

so have i mentioned this week how much i love my messages from the universe? on tuesday, with my nerves jangling as i was reviewing something i was about to send out, this arrived in my email...

dream it, mary jane.

show up.


getting up the courage to try things, to put yourself out there is not always easy... we all know this... but when you do, at least you give yourself a chance of getting what you want... if you don't show up, there is no opportunity... don't hold yourself back...  you may not always get what you had hoped for, but at least you will know you tried... there is no 'if only i had' to go to bed with... and it makes the next time a little less scary... april has been a huge test for me - and we shall see what happens...

i had the opportunity to take my first class last friday... it was near to my home and taught by the very talented ruth rae... what a wonderful woman - she shared everything about herself... i am so excited to use the technique i learned - fusing metal - but more than that i came away inspired... 

here is my simple little section of links - it is completely raw as i have not been able to come back to it yet... 

and here is chuck - the grass was cut and the sun was warm, so we took him outside (after making sure that the cats were inside)... 

'look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end.
its not a day when you lounge around doing nothing;
it's when you've had everything to do and you've done it.'
~ margaret thatcher

and a huge thank you to those who sent kind words and support to help me get over a hump... it is appreciated more than you will ever know... 


  1. You always speak words of truth M. How wonderful to have taken a class with Ruth! I have her last book and that alone has inspired me greatly. I looooove the links!!

    Dreaming is a good thing!

  2. I love your message from the universe - and it is true - if we don't attempt it, we can never achieve it. I know you will achieve it!
    Lucky you to take a class with Ruth Rae - I love your links!!

  3. You creation is wonderful. I love the rustic feel of it. Please let us see when it is all finished. Oh, and Chuck is pretty darn cute.

  4. Chuck always brings a smile and a chuckle! Congrats on trying and succeeding in new ventures, may you continue to explore and thrive!

  5. Sounds like Messages from the Universe gets some of their material from Woody Allen, lol ("80% of success is just showing up"). Either way, it's a great thought.

    I need to sign up for that service - sounds very cool.

    Hope you and Chuck have a wonderful day! Is he a mouse, or woodchuck, or what? :-)

  6. I love the Margaret Thatcher quote...the feeling is worth every second of the hard work, I guess in the long run that is what pushes us.

    Fusing metal is on my list of to do's. I love the silver links!

  7. I love your rings - especially because I totally suck at fusing. And chuck is so cute - he makes me smile. regards Stefanie

  8. Oh I love that message! Showing up is my hardest task at hand. Chuck is such a cutie and congrats on some beautifully fused rings. Happy April! Can't wait to see where it leads :)

  9. i love these rustic links, good going on taking classes for new ventures.
    also like Messages from the Universe site and the ones we get in our heads too..
    Chuck if a funny fellow.

  10. love your links just the way they are!!! are they fine silver? or can you fuse sterling silver? chuck should be in a movie. he is THAT cute.

    rock on with the chutzpah!!

  11. Or, as the Rolling Stones would say "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need."

    Awesome links - can't wait to see how your art grows from the new learnings!

  12. Just fabulous! I love what you made, so much texture. Is Chuck a rat or a mouse? I used to raise rats! Love those little guys. Keep going, you're doing great! xoxo Riki

  13. Wonderfully wise words. Thank you for sharing so openly with all of us in blogland. Your creations are always intriguing and well done. I think Chuck is pretty cute. Happy creating...

  14. Sounds like Ruth Rae's class was wonderful...oh how lucky you were that she came to NJ! Your fused links are fantastic! And your little guy Chuck is a cutie. I've had both hamsters and a pet rat in the past...

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  16. I so want to take a metalsmith type class. You are so right sometimes we hold ourselves back, your links look fab, I look forward to bright new things coming out of your studio.


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