11 April 2010

hair and makeup ~

'all life is an experiment.
the more experiments you make the better.'
~ ralph waldo emerson

the cheshire cat has long faded and grown out... 

which naturally means it is time for something new - it was a good diversion for me... i am stalling, if i am to be honest - the artist's statement is done... it's the leap into resume i am about to take... 

leopard spots on the sides and back

last october after the zombie walk, i got em some prosthetic makeup... the kids and i used it for halloween... it was something she was considering as a career until someone in the business told her to forget about it - everything would soon be cgi... she was heart broken  (and i am still a bit skeptical)... i have a hard time believing that there will be no make up and special effects people left... the cost and time benefit of using cgi is undisputed... but surely, it won't make hands on obsolete?
took the kids to see 'clash of the titans' - see this in 2d if you go & save yourself the extra $4 they charge for 3d - it just isn't necessary... 
she loved the effect used for hades' eyes...

and then decided to give her brothers black eyes... 

nick thinks it is hysterical and wants to wear it to school - i am trying to gently explain that is a really bad idea!

the boys are such willing victims volunteers... 

i am working at preparing photos to put on a cd at specifications that are new to me ~ 

'if you hold a cat by the tail
you learn things you cannot learn any other way.'
~ mark twain

here's to being an empirical learner!


  1. just remember there is no cgi with stage productions..
    i got to see the Lion King on stage...i was BLOWN away..
    don't let someone else deter a young one from following a path..it will lead someplace..who can say where.

  2. That is so true, the theatre really helps the art of drama stay a live, I absolotely detest when others muck up the paths of the young, I say let them decide for themselves.

    I also want to applaud you in the way you allow your kids individuality to shine and be explored, there aren't a lot of parents that would help their kids wear unconventional hairstyles like you help your kids do.

    I was one of those kids that love to push the boundries of conventional personas and my mum was non fussed about it. My eldest thinks its cool but I think to introverted to go all the way but I live in hope :) and there is always her sis, who is polar opposites to her big sis.

  3. How wonderful that you are able to help your kids like that! I love, love, love the leopard hair! Maybe you can do mine that way sometime. :-)

    Good luck with your pressing task.

  4. I love the leopard spots too! They look like the real deal! I always thought movie makeup would be a blast to do. I guess you could always be a designer w/o the makeup. Decide how a character should look and then do it with "computer" makeup. But the real makeup part would be so fun! I'm sure there's still a place for it, maybe just a smaller job pool.

  5. cool, love the leopard spots too! i did that for my nephew way back when.

  6. I immediately thought "Nooooo, you can't cgi theatre!! Then I thought, theme park employees, concerts...there must be a bunch of other contexts where she can follow that dream if it's her passion. I know you're just the mom she needs to make sure her hopes aren't crushed :)
    I'm cracking up that he wants to wear his "shiner" to school! Next you know there are child welfare folks at your front door! Of course it might be worth it to wipe it off with a washcloth in front of them ;)

  7. You keep hold of the cat - but stay out of reach of the claws - LOL!
    You can get that resume done. Write it as if you were doing it for someone else.

  8. I, personally, get a kick out of the kids that come to school SCREAMING... "I am an individual!" with their styles, hair colors, etc. BRAVO!!! What a creative Mom :O)

  9. I would say if that is her dream then she needs to find a way to make it happen. And I thought theatre as well.
    I just read some posts from Luann Udell. One of them was about why she started down the path of making art late in life. Basically it was looking at her 4 yo daughter and thinking that if she didn't pursue her passions and live her art, what sort of model would she be to tell her daughter to dream big?
    You are dreaming big and are a great role model to Em and the boys, I would dare say. I would tell her to pursue it. Even if she doesn't make it she might discover something new on her path.
    Enjoy the day!

  10. Your kids are really lucky to have such a cool mom! The hair is hot! regards Stefanie

  11. You are incredible at "hair and makeup" - I'm impressed!! :-)


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