05 May 2010

a nature save ~

sometimes, having lots of project ideas is a good thing... and sometimes, it is not - like when your brain is in overdrive and you cannot settle it down to begin... 

so i went for a walk by the river... and was gifted big time! 'make way for ducklings' was one of my favorite books as a child.... i look for the babies every spring, so when i saw these little fuzzies i was elated -

mama stared me down hard - but i understood and moved along...

also came upon some lily of the valley -

which inspired me to create these... i did best today trying to keep things simple and use what i already had... like a bag with etched copper pieces... lampwork glass by marie at bleuverre... 

'in nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.
trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways,
and they're still beautiful.'
~ alice walker

then there were the little buds slowly outgrowing their outer shell... lampwork glass by mika at pinocean... 

it's funny, i have a couple of books that i really love... especially the ones on metalworking and smithing... i will carry one around for a while, absorbing what i can but knowing that there are things i am not ready for... it will then get put away... weeks/months later i return to it and find that i understand and can apply things that i couldn't before... it's a nice feeling... not rushing or forcing the learning, but really trying to internalize it all... 

i am having a giveaway if you missed the last post - just leave your name and tell me how your life has changed from blogging... last day to enter is friday - winner will be announced on monday... 

now if only my eyes would stop burning from the oak pollen - it ends up looking like we have  tumbleweeds here in spring!


  1. I LOVE BABY DUCKS! I grew up on a small man-made lake and there were always mallards on the lake and in the spring, we'd often have nests under the bushes in our front yard. Ducklings are SOOO cute!

  2. My brain is in overdrive too...yikes I need some rest! Love the ducks and babies are my favorite of any kind. Lilacs and Lily of the Valley are my absolute favorite flowers, there is nothing better than going to sleep with a bouquet of lily of the valley next to your bed.

  3. The earrings are lovely, love the square beadcaps..I know exactly what you mean by being ready for some jewelry making books and then as time pass and skill grows, you can pull it out again and say, oh, I can do that!

  4. Love the earrings!!! Love the way your skills are developing, so fantastic!
    Nature is full of wonderful things this time of year - seems everytime I look outside, there is something new to get excited about.

  5. Love those Lily of the Valley inspired earrings!

  6. Oh I love the ducks! And I really love the Lily of the Valley earrings!!

  7. The square bead caps are lovely and I think you've captured a little bit of spring buds with these. I've the same thing with pollen, except my nemesis is pecan.

  8. I haven't seen any nesting water fowls in my neck of the woods as yet but we do have a pair of nesting great tits in my garden.

    I love the elegance of the earrings inspired by the lily in the valley flowers, which are also coming into bloom in my neck of the woods too.

  9. I want in to the contest! The best thing about blogging is that I've met people like you! And, dammit, how did you get your flattened head pins so round? Did you spend time filing them ... shaping them ...

  10. LOVE the earrings and they really did look like lily of the valley which smell sooo good! let's get together! walk on the boardwalk or something?

  11. CUTE ducklings! (Clever interpretation of lily of the valley, too...)

  12. Thanks for taking us with you on your stroll... and for the great photos along the way. The ducklings are adorable! I've beenn fortunate to happen upon a few new families in the lakes nearby as well. I totally agree with your thoughts - that you so eloquently expressed - about how you absorb certain techniques and internalize them until you find you are ready....so nicely stated. Hope you had a great Mother's Day today! :-)

  13. These are lovely Maire. Funny how when you think your brain has shut down, it just picks right up again and generously hands you a new and fresh idea. The ducks are too precious for words! Big hug, Riki

  14. Hehe, Mama Duck is all about business-I can't say I blame her, the young ones are precious, y'know.

    I love what you were inspired to create; such subtlety and depth at once, beautiful, beautiful work.


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