10 May 2010

on finding new passions and a winner ~

'he who nurtures benevolence for all creatures
within his heart overcomes all difficulties
and will be the recipient of all types of riches
at every step.'
~ chanakya

these were my gift to my mom - using a new technique that i am in love with and will be using more... lampwork by mika at pinocean... 

'i found i could say things with color and shapes
that i couldn't say any other way -
things i had no words for.'
~ georgia o'keefe

'pure emotion' was created in just this way... i was feeling a lot, too much to pull apart... and so i allowed the texture, color and technique to speak for me... beautiful enamel bead by barbara lewis and raku by keith o'connor... 

and, as promised, a winner for my giveaway!

first, it had to be decided which child would get to pull the winner -

thank you to everyone who commented - some new faces and many old friends! i think the overwhelming sentiment was that blogging has connected us with wonderful people from all over... that we share, learn and are inspired by them... and that we cannot imagine life without these people and resources in it... 

congratulations to doreen of backyard beads


  1. Yeah!!! Congrats to Doreen!!! Glad to see she won. Your Mother's Day gifts are so beautiful... love Barbara's enameled bead (one of my favorite colors)..and your organic design is amazing.

  2. Hooray for me! What a nice thing to wake up to! I'm just sitting here having my wake up coffee and I see that I'm a winner! That calls for another cup! Thank you so much, Mary Jane. BTW, I love your new creations. Also, Barbara's enamel beads are to die for!

  3. Congrats to Doreen - yay!!
    Love your new pieces and your new technique!

  4. Congratulations to Doreen. Lovely earrings for Mom. The new technique looks very interesting. Happy creating...

  5. Congrats Doreen, ENJOY!!! Beautiful Beautiful Mother's Day pieces Mary Jane:D I love Barbara's enamels. Absolute perfection!

  6. Sweet! Congrats to Doreen! Happy Mother's Day to you all.
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Nice Prize Doreen! Congrats.
    Maire..I really like the direction your work has taken. Very earthy.

  8. Yay Doreen!
    This was fun.
    Now I think there'll be two children who are waiting for their turns to pull winners next ;-).
    Nice new technique and jewelry, too.

  9. I love the accents on those top earrings!

  10. Okay, if I don't wear my glasses and I squint REALLY hard, I'm just sure that one of those pieces of paper actually says "Kelly" on them...right?

    Just kidding.

    Love the new pieces - that bracelet with the enamel bead is awesome!

  11. Lucky girl that Doreen! I am sure your Mom just loved her beautiful gifts. I hope you had a great Mother's Day Mary Jane.

  12. Congrats, Doreen! Those bead caps on your earings are fantastic! Hope we will see more of your beads caps.

  13. Such beautiful gifts for your mom.

    Congrates to Doreen.

  14. They are beautiful pieces! Congrats to the winners. Hugs, Riki

  15. Congrats to Doreen, and your new pieces are fantastic! regards Stefanie

  16. I'm sure your mom's smile was a mile wide! Love the new pieces! You continually ROCK!

  17. Lucky Doreen. What delight your mum must have had, in opening her gift to find such a treasure.

  18. Beautiful earrings and bracelet! love the techniques you are using...and the beads..yum~~~

  19. Love those earrings! Your mom is one lucky gal. And your bracelet is super cool with all the different elements and textures.

  20. Beautiful, I love the pop of the blue against the aged metals. I know mom was beaming.

    Congratulations to Doreen!


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