14 May 2010


my son was accepted into the visual arts section of a county-wide art program this spring... last night was their gala... it struck me as he laughed and smiled that he had been riding the bus with, had become friends with kids from all of the different disciplines... he showed me his work, but then we sat in on the improv jazz band, theater, musical theater, dance segments of the night... 

this is one of his pieces - everyone had to adapt a picture into a mer-type person... alex had the only male figure... i told him i found his choice to be interesting - to which he replied 'everyone else used women'... i was happy he had thought outside of the box instead of doing what 'everyone else' was doing... 

as we sat in on the jazz band playing some myles davis, watching the passion in the teacher's face, i was struck visually by what i feel when i sit by myself and work... intensity of emotion... you could see in each discipline, which child and adult felt the work... 

'music is the shorthand of emotion.'
~ tolstoy

'movement never lies. it is a barometer telling the state
of the soul's weather to all who can read it.'
~ martha graham

'if you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy 
himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable.
(you must) reach the emotional and intellectual level
of ability where you can go out stark naked,
emotionally, in front of an audience.'
~ jack lemon

'poor faulkner.
does he really think big emotions come from big words?
he thinks i don't know the ten-dollar words.
i know them all right.
but there are older and simpler and better words,
and those are the ones i use.'
~ ernest hemingway

'the artist is a receptacle for the emotions that come 
from all over the place:
from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, 
from a passing shape from a spider's web.'
~ pablo picasso

did i hit them all? music, dance, theater, literature, visual art... i was overcome by the universality... i know this fact intellectually - maybe it was overwhelming to be surrounded by all of the disciplines at once... not maybe, it was... 

i have been feeling raw - pared down to the simplest of emotions - yet functioning with all of the mom hats... kind of contradictory - it is a bit like acting... maintaining the superficial day to dayness of things, yet feeling anything but... 

the woman who loves words for all of their powers... has been only able to identify with this:

'i found i could say things with colors and shapes 
that i couldn't say any other way -
things i had no words for.'
~ georgia o'keefe

 i would only add techniques and textures to her quote... when i do shibuichi, it is like pure emotion... it is not something i can explain... 'forest floor' earrings are meant to be evocative of  the mystery and wonder of all that life entails - growth and decay, joy and sorrow, how everything exists at once together... it is how we feel about it and process it... on the forest floor one finds bright green mosses and red berries mixed in with all that nature composts itself... 

life is like that too... 

tonight is the elementary school variety show... more performances to be savored...  


  1. Sometimes, things can't be communicated by words. Words can be misunderstood, by mistake or intentionally. Words can be weapons. Sometimes, images and objects are more powerful.

  2. no words. there are none when you feel so moved, so connected, so alive. i am tickled to hear of your son's success and his path. beautiful artwork and i, too, encourage that out of the box thinking. i did not hit all the disciplines. dance and movement have always eluded me. but i feel it through my tiny dancer.
    that martha graham quote grabs me and tugs at my gut. i have a lot of words, but when i create something with color and movement and light completing the story of the wearer it says so much more than my words could ever convey.
    enjoy the day, mj!

  3. Love those earrings and congrats to your son on his creativity - we know where he gets it from!!

  4. I love how he used the male figure for this piece. It's very powerful and emotional.
    Beautiful earrings! Also powerful and emotional ;-). Are you melting silver wire onto copper? The effects are wonderful. I love the bead caps. I need to experiment with making some. I found out, too, that silver clay can be mixed with copper clay to get a shibuichi effect. I've been inspired for so long by seeing the raw cymbal material on display at Guitar Center...would love to get that look in clay!

  5. awesome post maire! picasso said the best stuff didn't he???? love love love the earrings (as ususal!) congrats to your son. amazing creativity in your house!!!!

  6. Such talented kids and household you heart must swell with pride.

  7. Creativity flows from open hearts...I love the earrings for their simplicity and yet all of the skill and technique is complex...they speak volumes.
    Your son is so talented and so fortunate to be raised by a wonderful women who allows his talent to grow and flourish. Much luck to him in his spring journey.

  8. I can see your son inherited his creative genius from you. Beautiful earrings, and I didnt know you create shibuchi...a mysterious woman of myriad talent!

  9. So happy for your son's success in his creative endeavors...he has YOU as a role model! Beautiful earrings as always...I'm fond of the rustic feel you have a way of imparting in your work.

  10. Beautiful as usual! I love your son's piece, too. How wonderful that you cultivate the artistic spirit in your children, they will be forever grateful. ~Cathy

  11. Talent obviously runs in the family! Tell Alex, "Bravo!" Beautiful earrings, Maire!

  12. Your earrings are beautiful - and your son is really talented. You must be and can be so proud of him. regards Stefanie

  13. The Forest Floor earrings are simply gorgeous Maire. The texture is simply gorgeous =)
    I loved hearing about your son's new adventure in life. What a beautiful story. I know you are proud =)

  14. Your son's picture is truly unique. love the berry earrings xx

  15. Sounds like a wonderful and moving show. I am a singer as well as a beader; although one is my job and one a glorified hobby, both are my passion and I love how the arts support, complement and feed each other. Your son certainly looks like he has a lot of talent! And your earrings are sweet, simple and beautiful.

  16. I love your son's thinking! Sometimes we need an artist to shake us up and have us look at our own stereotypes objectively and to do that with something visually stunning. Hope you enjoyed the elementary school performance!


  17. Somehow I'm not at all surprised your son stepped outside the box. (smile)

    It's funny, and odd- yet deeply intriguing as a lover of words that I should concede the occasional- albeit deep- beckoning of something indescribable which takes hold of me and leads me to places words dare travel. ...thanks for this MJ, I feel a trip coming on.


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