24 June 2010

derailed -

that train of mine that i thought was so on track derailed over the past 2 weeks with the 2 promotions and emily's graduation last night... 

i have not been visiting the finished soup blogs - and promise to begin tomorrow... i also apologize for not having my bead soup ready on time - i feel terrible, and i will surely have a project completed asap!

'"how does one become a butterfly?" she asked. 
"you must want to fly so much 
that you are willing to give up being 
a caterpillar."'

and so the hair inspiration for graduation was butterflies... (the dye is wet here - so very intense looking) 

a ladybug for luck (and because we love them so)... 

'i am the master of my fate: i am the captain of my soul.'
~ william henley

words to remember and learn (and relearn over and over) until you unshakably live by them... may she learn faster than i -  


  1. I think you can be excused. Graduation doesn't happen every day!

  2. Don't we learn by example? Well, somewhat. It appears that she has learned and embraced independance. How many girls had shaved and painted heads that showed the world they are their own person? Lets hope that she continues to embrace her inner zen. I think she is on the right track.

    Congratulations on a job well done...both of you.
    xx. Carol

    Did I mention bead soup? Nope!

  3. She will go far in life because she has the guts to be her own person! Good for her - and congratulations to you both! She is a beautiful girl ~~~


  4. Congratulations to Emily! Soup can wait. Enjoy!

  5. You are helping her learn - even now.
    Wishing you both the best always. xo

  6. So many exciting milestones for your family right now - Congratulations to Emily!... she looked beautiful and radiant on her graduation day! Looking forward to your Bead Soup!

  7. Em is sooo beautiful! Love the hair. I always think of butterflies as transformation. That seems appropriate.

  8. Congrat's to Em...she has the best teacher still...you!! She has everything ahead of her!!

  9. You have your prioritys in order...Emily looks so proud and happy!

  10. Congratulations, Emily! Yay! What a great job on the hair too, fun...I want butterflies now too...

  11. Congratulations to Em, what a beautiful young lady she is, and full of promise and wonderful achievements in the near future.

    Vey cool hair, btw!

  12. Beautiful hair! Too bad em can't see the back of her head like others can ... I mean it's impossible, right ... because eyes are forward and we're walking forward ... oh, forget it! Read my mind ... please! I know you loved every minute of the fun and festivities, but now it's back to play for you!


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