27 June 2010

food for thought

as of late, my meandering time on blogger has been limited... but i was so happy to have come upon a post by nan of spirit rattles and nan emmett studio... her ceramic work is beautiful and i feel lucky that she is now sharing beads with us! and by the way, nan - you are killing me with those hands!

ok, back to topic - 

she shared a journal by david byrne - the talking heads - that i am so appreciative of... 

a teen when 'stop making sense' was released, i admired him... a modern day renaissance man, he explores the schism/chasm between art and craft... the ideology, the cultural influence... highly intelligent, incredibly well versed - he also discusses the education of those desiring to pursue their interest in the arts... there are questions that at times haunt me... 'what am i considered to be?'  'who decides?'  'does it matter?'  should a label matter? of course not... as an avid student of art history, i find the term 'artist' and even 'fine artist' to be defined by those items found in  museums... but is that accurate? all i can do is work from what i feel... anymore, anything else seems superficial to me... which can present its challenges under different circumstances... for to attempt to make some kind of living at this, one has to be able to produce things that will also sell and at different price ranges... it's like you have to separate yourself at times to achieve the two goals... or maybe realize that it is the two parts that make the whole... for to be a starving 'artist' as a mom of three seems rather unfair to the three who didn't choose that path... 

the libra in me is babbling - trying to find balance & harmony... sorry!


  1. I am off to check out nan....and I would also like to say that I too am a huge fan of David Byrne, since long ago, and I too struggle with everything you just said here, almost everyday, and still try to be true to myself, it's the hardest thing I do.

  2. This difficult topic is probably part of the reason I don't refer to myself as an artist.
    Thanks for the heads up on Spirited Earth - now that hand is killing me!!

  3. Oh I agree Nan's beads are wonderful..I was lucky to win some in a past give away! The words here are certainly good food for thought...you keep us on our toes mentally, MJ!

  4. That hand is way cool! It has the same vibe to me as much of your work MJ. The color/texture remind me of that bontecou mobile. That is such a powerful sensation, isn't it, to have your open palm upturned? Like it's connected directly to your brain. For me it produces a peculiar feeling of having zero control over anything.

  5. 閒來無聊逛逛blog~~跟您打聲招呼~~.................................................................                           

  6. It's been a long time since I've been prodded to be in a critically thinking state, which is the result of reading David Byrne's Journal. I remember as a ceramics student being in a Fine Arts Program and receiving a Fine Arts Degree but yet not being a fine artist. It was all very strange. I miss this type of thought, which is one of the reasons I loved school so much. I was a "professional" student for many years ... it made me feel young and invigorated. I miss it. Thanks, Maire, for posting this.


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