03 July 2010

no compromise this time...

lots of things in the personal realm are leaving me feeling apart - i am a true libra, harmony seeker, peace maker, always willing to compromise... good things, right? but as with everything, there is a balance to be struck (life lessons - my symbol is the scales... yes, i am catching on here) - and willingness to compromise should not add up to giving it all away... yourself that is... as in who you are, as in who you want to be, as in what you dream of... fulfilling your goals... 

while i struggle with feelings of selfishness, i am working on a project that i am not supposed to share... i love the show-and-tell spirit of this community, so i am following the leads of those who provide sneak peaks... and have my fingers crossed that it will not be frowned upon... 

'if you limit your choices only to what seems 
possible or reasonable,
you disconnect yourself from what you truly want,
and all that is left is compromise.'
~ robert fritz


and how exactly did we get to july? is half of this calendar year truly behind us? enjoy your 4th of july weekend... i am hoping to see some fireworks by the beach... 


  1. A fellow Libra... get it! Thanks for the sneak peak... looks beautiful. Hope we get to see the end result with full disclosure!

  2. Mary Jane, looking forward to seeing the rest of this wonderful creation! The beach, such a perfect place to enjoy fireworks, have a great weekend!

  3. Love your sneak peaks!
    Compromise: concede, give and take - yes
    compromise: imperile, jeopardize - no

  4. It sounds like we struggle with similar issues. I have to be really present not to "give myself away". I, too, am the peacemaker. Don't feel selfish- we'll see eventually! And I admire your work:)

  5. Gorgeous Darling! Packing, Packing , packing , thinking of you xxx

  6. Well, the peek is sneaky! Just enough to show me I'm gonna love this piece or pieces.

    O, I'm a Libra too. Gets me in a lot of trouble sometimes. O well, makes it all more interesting. I compromise, but I will not be compromised.

    Enjoy the fireworks. We take a lawn chair out to the road and watch the guy 1/2 block down the road throw about $1000 into the sky.

    Happy Holiday, friend.

  7. this is an insightful and honest discovery of the self and definitely nothing to be ashamed of. just go with the flow of energy that rule you and nothing will go wrong :)

    i do love your sneak peeks tho ... leaves the looker panting for more :) and i see this as positive energy!

  8. I LOOOOVE the sneaky peeks! (But that Chinese link above goes to porn, you should delete that!)

  9. Oh, my Dear Maire, where do I start? At 44, I feel truly balanced, truly myself - and it's largely as a result of learning, over time, to refuse to compromise...it's a hard thing to do, I know, for you, for me, for women who are givers and "providers" but think of it as giving to yourself as well - nourishing yourself. I find that I am a better friend, relative, better lawyer to my clients when I am balanced and fulfilled myself. I am not advocating complete self-focus - that is not healthy either and I know that is not what you speak of. I AM supporting, however, what clearly means a lot to you (your words says that)- as the old cliche goes, "be true to yourself" and all else will fall in place, I promise! Much love to you

  10. Just wanted to let you know I'm still reading and enjoying your posts :)

  11. Oh, MJ, life is always about balance. It is our perspective that keeps us sane (or insane).
    The tiny sneak peaks you gave us shows a glimmer of lusciousness, which actually just made me smile. You see, my perspective is always one of excitement, AND blessed anticipation of the unknown!

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  13. "Blessed are the peacemakers..." Thanks for being you:)

  14. Your sneak peek looks wonderful so far...can't wait til you can reveal more! :-)

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