12 July 2010

non-attachment, gratitude, and quest for authenticity

'feeling gratitude and not expressing it
is like wrapping a present and not giving it.'
~ william arthur ward

pilar isabel pollock sent this beautiful milagro to me... so hard to know where to start - her thoughtfulness? my admiration of her talent? the fact that this means so much to me? she even used the words 'love' and 'nascent' (my word for the year) on the ribbons... pilar works magic with fibers (and she creates digital art as well) - i encourage you to stop by her blog and her etsy and art fire shops... this is why i restrain myself from taking out my mom's sewing machine, i fear i would become obsessed... this beautiful hamsa hangs in my work area... thank you so very much, pilar... 

i had a show at the boardwalk yesterday - and the weather was beautiful... lots of people - and thanks to judy, a good amount of sales... you see, judy shared information about propay, a service that allows one to accept credit cards with your cell phone! most people do not bring pocketbooks, checkbooks or much cash to the beach... they are simply not going to leave that sitting on a towel or in a bag while they go down to the water... but plastic? they have that... and this time i was able to accept it... those that couldn't decide which 'one' would sometimes buy both... nice! oh, and thank you very very much!

and thank you to those who reach out even though i have pretty much been m.i.a... i think i am on my way back... your kindness is appreciated... 

i am fully aware of the importance of non-attachment... question: what would you do if you couldn't find your camera... like, ANYWHERE? would you accept that you shouldn't be upset because it is in your best interest not to be attached to it? or would you be stressed out because you couldn't take any pictures? i am vascillating between the two - probably doesn't hurt that i had given em a camera for graduation - how fortuitous!

'your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
don't be trapped by dogma - which is living 
with the results of other people's thinking.
don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice.
and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
they somehow already know what you truly want to become.
everything else is secondary.'
~steve jobs

more sneak peeks::

i think i need that steve job's quote tattooed on my inner arm... the past couple of weeks i had to have music on in the background to work - something i seriously never do... i like quiet... but i was finding dave matthews to be calming and necessary... today maybe i can work without background noise... we'll see... 


  1. love that hamsa, great post also, as always words that are good food for thought..
    about the camera...hmm well..i'd go check out Sam's or costco and get a cheapy that would never leave the studio..

  2. so glad you had a good sales day my friend. I am always amazed and so stirred by your thoughtful prose~~~

    Getting excited to see what you are keeping as a surprise!


  3. What a marvelous gift. She knows what a special person you are, as is she.

    I usually agree with you on so many levels. No so regarding attachment. I think the issue is not attachment but obsession and addiction. I have many possessions that I can give up. Some that I don't want to and others that I would no because of sentiment. As to the camera, you need it to perform your job. I don't think that makes it an attachment.

    Am I off base on this?

  4. Propay rocks! I don't do shows any more, but when I did - I totally used them and they were great!

    On the camera - I have to say that I'd be stressed about it. Not only do I HATE losing things (makes me feel like my brain is turning to mush), but I'd also be thinking about how much bead shopping I'd have to give up in order to save up $ for a new camera LOL! Sure hope you find yours!! It's gotta be SOMEWHERE, right?

  5. Glad you're feeling better, LOVE the sneak peeks. Also, that is a great quote from Steve Jobs!

  6. The milagro is amazing and such a special gift.

    I am so glad you had a good show and happy that Propay helped you get more sales.

    I am reminded of one of my favorites songs by Van Morrision "Enlightenment"

  7. Thank you for always having the best words for thought. I printed these words from Steve Jobs as a reminder to remain in MY focus on MY goals. Happy creating...
    P.S. I hope you have resolved the missing camera...even if it means you bought yourself a new one.

  8. What a post! It has touched, deep down.
    Glad to hear you had a successful show!
    Hope the camera didn't go missing there?
    Will try to write an email later - have to get to the airport to pick up Max!

  9. Beautiful work by Pillar ... and you! About the camera, I don't know that it's attachment so much as it puts a serious kink in your ability to do business. Thank goodness you bought em a really nice one! What goes around comes around!

  10. Such a lovely gift for a lovely, soulful lady. Glad your show was a success!

  11. pilar's work is amazing! Thank you for sharing this piece and sending me over to her shop. I had to copy that Steve Job's quote for myself. I especially love the last sentence. It is something that is only recently making sense to me! Hope you stay well this week.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful show on the boardwalk...and great info about Propay! Accepting CC by cellphones, now that is amazing. I think I'd be in panic if I lost my camera! :-) We recently found our camcorder which was lost since Christmas, what a relief!

  13. You're teasing us with the sneak peaks, but we love it!!

    I use Propay but have not used the phone in service - will try it soon! Thank you!

    And thanks for (once again) some inspiring words. I may very well post those on my bathroom mirror. And know that you are not alone in your camera floundering, quest for authenticity and meaning. I feel that you are showing me the way...

  14. the hamsa is so beautiful-what a pleasant gift, pilar is very talented and i've always loved her name.

    interesting things are happening for me, in the struggle to balance closed/open hands, learning when to let go and let be, versus when to hold on. it's oddly refreshing to feel this free...


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