10 June 2010

the good, the bad and the ugly

'bad' more like in hanging over your head, cannot seem to move forward because you cannot think of anything else... like that!

our weeks have been filled with a nasty stomach virus (the ugly)... took care of kids for a week and then got it myself - yuck... with the inability (but having the desire) to do a whole lot of anything else... i am just putting it out to the universe that given the severity of it, i am requesting a pass of about a decade - 'nuf said...

'kites rise highest against the wind.'
~ winston churchill

'the bad' - you know how people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of end of school? and for some of you this has already happened... our last day of school is june 23rd... late... but in order to get to this place, my 8th grader had 2 research papers due at the same time... i applaud alex for choosing interesting people - winston churchill and galileo... churchill is probably one of my favorite historical figures... in fact, my youngest cat is named for him as he was found in the street, near death... and sir winston was one to say:

 'the only way to get through hell is to keep going.' 

however, he found the amount of available information to be daunting... and, truthfully, at first i did too... so he and i worked our way through books, reputable websites and such to get to the elongated kernels of info needed for these papers... then of course there is an expectation of more formal formatting and all of that at this age... but hey, he's not hacking it out on a typewriter! they hate when i remind them of that... 

i am happy to announce that they are done! seriously, i feel like i can exhale now... 

then there has been 'the good and busy' - end of school year 'stuff'... especially in the elementary school... 

field day

a green belt (yes, they are best friends, it's adorable)

and an author's tea

chuck with his favorite food -

'a bear however hard he tries grows tubby without exercise.'
~ winnie the pooh

so do some cats! but they just don't know it... poor winston may be half draco's weight, but he's a very good friend!

'i've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.'
~ galileo


  1. Feel better, hope its all cleared up now! Good for your son, and for you taking such an interest, what a great mom you are. To many it appears! Love Chuck with his spaghetti. Too cute. Take care, feel better. Hugs, Riki

  2. Congratulations on your delivery! What a relief that kind of thing always is! Hope you get your energy back soon--such a drag to have the desire, but not the get-up-and-go. Maybe some fun things will percolate in your brain while you lie low. at least you are surrounded by adorableness--children, kitties and rodents! chuck's a real heartbreaker!

  3. Hope you are all right now - if not get better soon! And Chuck is too cute to be true. regards Stefanie

  4. Hope you are feeling better now - a stomach virus is nobody's friend. Sending lots of feel better your way!
    Love your kitties! Draco looks like a real cuddly sweetheart and Winston is adorable. Chuck and his spaghetti make me smile.

  5. OMG...I thought it was one cat with two heads!!! LOL!
    I remember the end of the school year and they were always the same...I am so glad I am done with that...it will be over soon and you all can have a great summer! I hope you are back to yourself soon.

  6. Get well soon! And that is one big kitty.

  7. Hi sweets hope your tummy is back to normal. Yea days of written projects long ago. Glad you can think again. I will be back on a plane next week end ; )

  8. What an awesome glance into your life! I sensed that you are a concerned and involved mom. My grandsons take Jits and Moi Tay. Self esteem, self control and respect.

    Hope the Summer Miseries pass soon and stay away.

  9. It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at with the cats! That's adorable. Annie does that to Donnie. She wants to be right on top of him. Nick looks like he's lovin' life! On to the unstructured days of summer! Hurray!

  10. hope you're feeling better..
    the pets are too cute...

  11. 噴泉的高度,不會超過它的源頭。一個人的事業也是如此,它的成就絕不會超過自己的信念。..................................................

  12. You certainly have some adorable cuties around you! Nice!

  13. Mary Jane, just love the pictures in your post today....the boys look like they are enjoying themselves, Chuck is adorable (who knew they would like spaghetti!), and the kitties are so sweet curled up together. My, the report sounded rather stressful, I'm so glad for you (and your son!) that it's behind you now!


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