14 June 2010

expanding the connections

'when we discover that the truth is already in us,
we are all at once our original selves.'
~ dogen

i had an idea to open up a components shop... i like the idea of people being able to create things that speak to them, of their thoughts and feelings... i personally believe that our current environment overwhelms us with visual and auditory stimuli (it definitely overwhelms me)... for every upside to the modern world, there is a downside... once again, it is about balance... having small reminders of what is important to you or what keeps you centered can be key to staying present... 

so i opened up speaking your truth last night... i had meant to open it with at least 10 items listed; but in order to work on it, i had to list something... so there are only 2 items right now... as we speak i have resin curing... and will be doing etching today... categorizing is a bit of a challenge - because some items use 2 techniques... perhaps i should list by component shape... i will be offering: resin paddles, etching, etched and enameled pieces, shibuichi and enameled pieces, maybe some simple ring forms, bezels... 

if there is anything you might like to see, please let me know... i am open to input...


  1. Awesome! This is a wonderful idea Maire:) You have amazing components, your shop will be so cool!!

  2. Great idea! I know you will be successful with your wonderful work! Pam

  3. Good luck! Your componenets are just so amazing, I know your shop will be a huge success.

  4. i love this idea..your handmade components on your jewelry are always wonderful.

  5. I am excited for you! This is just the next step for you and you will do amazingly well.

  6. Wonderful idea - I love your pendants and what about some handmade chain? I'm sure your shop will be a great success! regards and good luck Stefanie

  7. Congratulations, Mary Jane! I am sure you will do very well - you know I love your work!!
    And once again, I am delighted to find how much we, at times, think alike!
    Can't wait to see all the wonderful pieces you will add.

  8. Beautiful stuff at your new shop. A great idea born out of demand!

  9. What a great idea! I can't wait to see what lovely creations you list and I'm sure my wallet will get dented as a result. I'm definitly having more luck selling my resin beads and components than I've ever had with my jewelery so I know you will do well!

    I looked through my new copy of Belle Armoire over the weekend and loved your article! And I felt all vicariously famous because I "know" you ;-)

  10. I'm drooling already! How about some etched metal components like the ones you made in your breast cancer auction pieces. Your work is amazing, I'm sure anything you list will be snapped up. Best, ~Cathy

  11. I am so happy you did this. You make beautiful components for your own jewelry. I know that one of the most wonderful things for me is to see how others use my components. I'm never disappointed and most often I am inspired.

  12. Congratulations on your new venture. Your components are amazing and should sell very well. Happy creating...

  13. I am so glad you opened a new shop! Such a great idea...to give others the chance to work with your wonderful creative components, Congrats!

  14. Mary Jane - you are so creative - everything you make seems to make one want to reach out to touch it. I love your words, your prose - you will be wonderfully successful with your newest venture. You go girl!


  15. Congratulations on your new venture!! This is a wonderful idea - and your components are truly one-of-a-kind. Your shop is bound to be quite a success! :-) Marked it as a favorite already!

  16. Can't wait check this out!

    Just wanted to let you know I "awarded" you... http://ammjewelry.blogspot.com/2010/06/thank-you-rose.html
    I hope you have time to participate! Happy Creating!

    By the way -

  17. dream on, mj. keep dreaming on.
    i am so excited for you. i need to get some things listed in my shop already. and here you are with two! you know i love your components and feel so blessed to have the first ones. (did i pay you, dear girl? do tell me if i still owe you money for those.) you will do well with this i know it. i hope to one day make components that others will want to buy. maybe even find compatible to yours. furthering the collaborative symbiosis thing that we have going.
    you are the best, your heart and your soul are present in each piece. that is what is so very intriguing for me. i can feel my wallet shrinking (delightfully!) at the thought.
    i heart you!
    enjoy the day!

  18. Great idea! Your elements are beautiful and so me =) I KNOW you will do VERY well!!

    BTW....I have a question for you from the BAJ article! Congratulations once again =) Well deserved!
    On the tiny dapped disk, did you enamel it after etching it? The step-out pictures show a powder on it (in one pic) and if so....I would love to understand how you did that?

  19. I just checked it out. Gorgeous stuff there!


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