17 June 2010

like going to oz

yes, going to newark, nj can feel like going to oz! emily and i headed off to the opening of the exhibition 'make me something beautiful' the 2010 craft arts annual... i was fortunate enough to have a piece accepted into the show - and how strange to see it in a glass museum case with so  many other unique and beautiful pieces... sculpture, metalsmithing, ceramic, and on and on... no pictures were allowed - but there will be a catalogue... 

'there are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle.'
~ albert einstein

it felt like one of those miracle moments - and one of the neat things is that a lot of the artists knew each other... i introduced myself to thea clark who heads the nj metal arts guild - an organization i would like to become active in... 

thank you for the interest in my new etsy shop speakingyourtruth - i already have sales and am so glad that you are finding things you like... i have yet to get to etching and mica and more resin... end of school year activities are plentiful and keeping our family very busy... 

here are some of the things i have in the shop:

'dream' bead caps - 3 colors of enamel layered in different areas - blues, purples and deep turquoise... on antiqued copper...

'bing' bead caps - the deep blue red of bing cherries on antiqued copper... 

'sante fe' bead caps - 2 colors of enamel layered in such a way that the overlap creates an almost adobe red color... 

this is a ring i made for myself... i really love the symbolism and meaning of lotus flowers in buddhism... how they are firmly rooted in the muck and mud of the bottom of a pond, growing up towards the light... and upon reaching the surface, they blossom... opening and unfolding... this is symbolic of awakening... 

work in progress... 

'the secret of happiness is freedom.
the secret of freedom is courage.'


  1. Oh, congratulations....you must be floating on Cloud 9 and rightly so! BTW..I love the work in progress =)
    Just divine....

  2. My heartfelt congratulations, Mary Jane, for being a part of that exhibit. I am so happy for you - it must be like a dream. Love the ring you made for yourself and also the work in progress!!!

  3. A big congrat's again Mary Jane on your exhibit piece...a fantastic accomplishment and achievement!
    Your ring and shop pieces are divine. I love that all your pieces are very raw, and real. so alive.

  4. Just another step on the way! Soon it will be a treasured memory while another takes its place. Revell in the moment!!

    I have visited your shop. Nice. I was hoping you would add etchings. Glad you will.
    xx, Carol

  5. congrats for your new shop MJ!! love those caps!! and what can we say about rings??? ! jusr perfect!! i can read a little "freedom" on the butterflies one!! just delicious!

  6. Congratulations on being accepted in the exhibition! Your rings are beautiful!

  7. How moving to see the specialness of one of your pieces displayed with such care and enthusiasm! I hope you found it affirming and invigorating! Congrats to you for putting your work out there, that can be a little hurdle.

    I love those rings, and the little grometed holes on the second one, what a nifty little detail. The beadcaps are fantastic! I'd be tempted to use them all by themselves.

    And, as if the public acclaim weren't enough, now for the anticlimax!! Drumroll....I have awarded you a "Kreativ Blogger" award. You may claim your award at my blog. (You're giddy now, I know).

  8. Your rings are amazing - as always. And love the beadcaps! regards Stefanie

  9. Big steps, MJ, getting out and meeting the other artists! Good on ya!!!! It's the Dr Seus piece?

    Your components are beautiful and anyone would find it a treat to work with your pieces.

  10. Congratulations on this exciting venture. All of your work is deserving to be in one of those glass museum cases. Your enameling is just gorgous. I really like how you create an organic effect with the various colors. I, too, am a big fan of the lotus and its symbolism. xoxoxoxo

  11. An exhibition and a new shop! Well done

  12. Beautiful work and I LOVE the quotes, particularly the one about freedom. I have to get some of your gorgeous bead caps!

  13. Congratulations! I love your new shop and those rings are just filled with layers of wonderfulness. Can't wait to see what comes next :)

  14. Oh Mary Jane - how wonderful that you were acepted for the show - you absolutely must at least show us a copy of the program - we have to see your winning entry!!!

    Your new shop is so beautiful - I love your new creations. The colors of the beads - the ways they blend - that lotus ring - I am mesmerized. Everything you create is a work of your soul~~~.

    Your beautiful Create/Dream earrings were just posted tonight on my blog with the special event. They are just perfect - I created a link to your ETSY shop. Thanks so very much!


  15. Congrats to yo, on your acceptance into the show. Your ring is striking.

  16. 'firmly rooted in the muck'
    there is such a poetic justice in that line.
    but always striving for light and truth and hope. you always make my heart sing, mary jane. always glad to be here on this journey with you.
    enjoy the day.


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