20 July 2010

incredible company, sneak peek and freedom -

this beauty of a magazine is where my first accepted article resides... i have been a bit off the map and will admit that only last night did i sit down and page through the entire thing... and am i humbled... in the company of such talented artists/designers as barbara lewis, nancy schindler, ruth rae, lynn davis, christine damm, diane cook and riki schumacher... of course, all of the other work is wonderful - i just don't know the other ladies! it is still on the shelves at barnes & noble... 

that's me - the little picture on the bottom left! i cannot imagine what it must be like for those of you seeing books on the shelves, i was giddy to see two periodicals at the same time... here i get to hang out with friends kerry bogert and judith glende... 

at the show i was in last weekend or so ago, i had the mags on my table with their corresponding work... people watching is always interesting... i was worried that having the mags out might be seen as braggy... not at all how it was intentioned... and it was met with interest for the most part... one response i had not expected was for a woman to ask me if i had copied the magazine and was selling my version... 'no!' i responded, 'i would never do that.' 'why are you then?' to which i explained that was ME in there! she seemed a bit dubious but satisfied with my answer... i think i cleared the original work police check... also got asked if i was the seller for the people who made what was on my table... 

what would my blog be of late without a sneak peek - heads up, you will only have 1 left after this... yay (for all of us!)... 

and a piece i finally finished... not sure what to do with it - 

'the secret of happiness is freedom.
the secret of freedom is courage.
~ thucydides

roar... said the evolving lion

thread by thread i will extricate myself from the web... until i am able to fly away gently as a butterfly... 


  1. I knew IMMEDIATELY those were your earrings! So proud of you!

  2. Woooooh-hooooooooh!! I love it, MaireDodd! Congratulations!

  3. Mary Jane...... you are awesome!!! As always.

  4. Way to go!!! Yeah, isn't it funny some of the remarks you get at shows from the 'uncreative' people... so many of them just don't get it. At least you were able to explain. :)
    Love the sneak peek! You do such great work!

  5. congratulations.
    ..just had a convo with a clay friend about all the strange things that have been asked or said to us at fairs..one of my favs, the person asked if my work was made of RUBBER?
    i know artists who make copies of their reviews or published articles, put the copy into office supply plexi displays($5)then placed those around their booths.
    getting pieces in a magazine is something to be proud of..your hard work and good eye got it there ..so let it shine.

  6. You are so talented...and so blessed!

  7. dude, that ring is AWESOME> loooooooooove it.
    love love love it!!

  8. That issue of Belle Armoire is indeed my very favorite one of all (and I think I may have them all!). It is a dream of mine to be in there some day if I ever make anything I would deem worthy.

    I have a leather bound portfolio that I have pictures of all my pieces. Early on I only had magazine articles clipped from the pages, but I was in so many in 2009 that I couldn't keep up (and it is NOT bragging, it is hard work to get published! You deserve it!)! Now I just have my own pictures and it is a great conversation starter. Give it a shot!

    And you know I would be there, my gossamer winged friend, to loose those nearly invisible threads...but as with the caterpillar who morphs from earth-bound to flight, busting wide open the chrysalis in a fit of good intention can often backfire. You will fly and be free. I know it so. You will do it your way. You will make it happen. And I will be there to see you soar.

    Believe it. I do.


  9. Double Congratulations. It is such an honor to have your beautiful work accepted by your peers and shared with the public. Happy creating...

  10. Congrats!! And two at once, how exciting...I really love BAJ, always such great artists. Amazing what people say...kinda makes you wonder...

  11. I love the story of the woman who thought you had copied the magazine... so interesting, and the ones who thought you were selling for the makers - what do they think talented artists look like? Not ALL look like Andy Warhol!

    Congratulations on publishing.... Cool!

  12. You go girl - I am so happy for you dear Mary Jane! Finally - some reognition for your wonderful designs. (I should have got your autograph BEFORE you became famous!) Really - just so very happy for you!!!


  13. Ah... Happiness to you my dear!!! You SO deserve it... My heart is filled overflowing for you with all of this... Hope to see you fluttering someday soon... I'll see if I can work myself free enough to join you! All the best!!!

  14. The article is lovely (like your work). People just say the weirdest things at shows! It's like they don't think a real 'person' makes things. It must be from a factory!

  15. Oh Mary Jane, you are so worthy of any praise and recognition that come your way from these works! Enjoy it! Just try to gently educate those who know not what you do, and maybe they'll come around, but I'm guessing that some are hopeless. I recognized your wonderful earrings in the Wire Jewelry mag, and plan to get a copy of Ornament soon so that the day I meet you (not yet scheduled, hee hee), I'd like your autograph on it. :-) Keep the sneak peaks coming - I'm loving them! Hugs to you...

  16. People can be the strangest - can't they? Congratulations - two mags at once!!! You rock!!! Love the ring!!! You will unravel the thread and then fly free. Roar, my lion friend, roar!

  17. Interesting post.....and comments.
    Well, you know me. I gotta put my two cents in! Not only should you have copies of the magazine out, you SHOULD call attention to the fact that you have pieces published IN it!! I am not a marketer, so I don't know how to do that with the proper ambiance. But lets face it, you are doing this not only to express your inner self but to make bucks. The lookers that make "those" comments need to be stopped in their tracks BEFORE the words come out of their mouths. They will then look at your work in a different light. Will think those $30+ earrings are a steal and will be glad to tell everyone who notices them on her ears that the gal that made them has her work published in magazines.

    OK, here it comes...You Have Tons of Talent!!
    Say that 10 times slowly with your eyes closed and concentrate on the words. Don't hold back. Its NOT bragging when you are good!!

    OK, done now.

    God I love todays sneak peak. I hope that whenever whatever you are working on is published, you will put some of these in your component shop. Marketing you know.

    Much love and powerful energy to you M.
    xx, Carol

  18. congrats on both pubs...you deserve it as your creative talent should be shared!
    love the additional sneak peek...

  19. Congratulations my friend! I loved your article. And, yes, it is quite humbling for me to be in this gorgeous magazine too MJ! I am so glad I am there with friends =))


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