22 July 2010

final sneak peek (for now!)

'if we're growing, 
we're always going to be out of our comfort zone.'
~ john maxwell 

true, true... 

am i relieved to have the actual, physical work done? yes (a resounding yes)... but more than that, it was turning another corner with a little less fear... completing a project that i found a bit intimidating... 

and i am oh so happy to now be able to sink my teeth into the abs calder challenge... perhaps it won't even be an 11th hour submission - but one can never be sure...
a huge thank you to emily for playing with my blog format - and for the gorgeous picture she took at her job... she works at the hot sand glass blowing studio on the boardwalk in asbury park... 

oh, we saw 'despicable me' - it was so wacky and cute - loved it!


  1. CONGRATS!!! A milestone achieved. Go you!! Love the rich new blog--happy, but elegant and edgy at the same time! Sounds appropriate you would treat yourself to a new template. Can't wait to see what you do for ABS, and to read the publication!

  2. love the new blog it pops, but it's so you-i knew i was in the right place. i can't wait to see the big unveil of all of these sneak peeks.

  3. Love your new blog design. I am really liking this sneaky view. Maybe some chillaxin before you tackle your next challenge. Happy creating...

  4. keep on swimming, mj.

    this is a much more bright and happy place i think. i almost thought i had landed someplace else. i like it. this color is my fave....

    and congrats on that milestone reached. now, what is the next one?

    enjoy the day!

  5. Oooh, this sneak peek has me hooked - can't wait to see this piece!!!!!
    You are growing by leaps and bounds...

  6. Your sneak peaks are so intriguing - can't wait to see with what you'll finally come up with.

  7. Love the soft colors in the sneak peek. The boys really want to see Dispicable Me as well...hopefully we'll squeeze it in, maybe this weekend!

  8. wow,where am i? love the new look.
    these sneak peeks are so intriquing..went back to look at all of them..can't wait for you to unveil the finished piece..when you can.

  9. I took the kid to see that movie, too, and we BOTH loved it. Even I'm still quoting certain lines a week later!

  10. The new look is great. Love the red. So, we had the sneaks. Whens the reveal?

  11. can't wait to see the reveal!

  12. I am now so intrigued! I just know this is going to be something wonderful! So anxious to see the result! Show us soon!!!



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