28 July 2010

this balanced? seriously?

camera located - yay!
favorite pliers misplaced - boo! 

i like this kind of balance:

'life is like riding a bicycle.
to keep your balance you must keep moving.'

forward, onward, upward... and hopefully backward by only one step!

going to participate in a show to benefit a local bike shop, second life bikes - we have to use bike parts in the work we make... it is being held by the belmar arts council  ... local arts councils are so great (as i am learning)... em and nick took a beginning digital photography class there last night and loved it... 

i am working on things - but not yet finished pieces... and the abs is underway here as well... 

in summer, henna is a tradition... here are some of the tats we are sporting!


'equality and truth'

'courage' in tolkien's elvish


  1. these are soo cool..no pain involved tats.
    i unearthed some henna hand templates in my "what the heck is in here" stash..over 10yrs old.
    did yours come as a kit?

  2. Love the tats! Especially yours... and that with henna you get to change your mind.... !

  3. Henna is cool...don't know what the dh would say 'bout them tho!

  4. Very neat! (Hope you find those pliers!)

  5. you ARE the coolest mom on the block, i am certain of it! i love that only you and a few hobbits might be able to read your word. courage it is my friend! huzzah!
    enjoy the day!

  6. Very cool henna tats. I love mendi and stenciling on the skin. Have you ever used black henna?
    I am glad you found your camera, but sorry to hear about the piliers. I think there is a little man, who lives in each house and hides stuff from us.

    Love the new look of your blog!xoxoxoxo

  7. Love those henna tats. Each is so personal to the wearer. When did you change your blog background? I love this colour of red. Actually, this the accent colour for the little wedding we are frantically organizing.

  8. LOVE your henna tatoos! What summer fun - and love the designs. You guys really know how to have fun!


  9. Thank you for the inspiration to whip up some henna from the powder in my freezer and do some of this again. So much fun...


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