28 July 2010

on being a guest from home...

it's nice!

i was invited to be a guest of fundametals.net - as such, jeanette sent me some items to 'play' with... let's see if you can guess what one of them was - stop by their blog to read more... 

this design is based upon the egyptian shen ring... it is compromised of a circle for the cycles in life and a line across the bottom to represent the infinite... egyptians used lapis and turquoise in their adornment... lapis blue represented the heavens, water and the primeval flood... turquoise represented joy... 

'when we discover the truth is already in us
we are all at once our original selves.'
~ the dogen

we are complete as represented by the circle... but need to branch out and stretch to grow... winding fibers lead to faceted spectrolite which imparts strength and supports transformation... 

'(wo)man is harder than iron,
stronger than stone
and more fragile than a rose.'
~ turkish proverb

'fragile strength' earrings reiterate this point in numerous ways... etched metal appears delicate yet is sturdy... fibers made of silk... kyanite enhances tranquility and calm while quartz ensures grounding... 

work in progress... 

'a guest never forgets the host 
who has treated him kindly.'
~ homer

thank you jeanette for this opportunity... and i have other goodies to play with... so there will be another post about that!


  1. Those blues are so tranquil and seem to tame the metal. Gorgeous!

  2. very cool! the earrings are all lovely!

  3. Beautiful work my friend. I love how you've described the components and what they "give" to the piece! Very, very nice MJ =))

  4. Absolutely love the first pair! I already saw the post on fundametals, so I know which item you received! Congratulation on being the featured guest artist!!!!!

  5. Beautiful earrings, all in your signature style!

  6. As I said at Jeanette's Blog - love what you did with the washers!

  7. I would LOVE to have access to your mind as you create your art. I would love to access your thought process, as an outsider looking in because I suspect that even you don't know how you design these wonderful bits of symbolism.

  8. Your creative designs are amazing! I absolutely love these beautiful earrings. Your way with prose and design are beyond description - I love everything that you do!


  9. Love your work! I especially love the first pair with the fiber! I have a connection to Egypt you know.

  10. Love these, Maire. They are lyrical!

  11. What a fabulous earrings! And I was guessing you had gotten the center punch for the disc cutter.


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