24 August 2010


near the end of class on sunday i started one last bezel for a cab of fossilized palm frond that i had to have when i darted into the vendor area... 

i used bronze sheet and stamped 'courage' into it... the cab had reminded me a bit of a spear head... and the bronze made me think of ancient times in history... 

but my chest started vibrating when i would touch it or start to work with it - it was feeling too masculine and intimidated me... so i left it alone... i happened to be 'talking' to a friend who mentioned that she had a landlady named elysium... which got me to thinking about the elysian fields in greek mythology (and for which the woman was named)... the fields are the final resting place for the souls of the heroic and the virtuous... 

And those that have three times kept to their oaths,
Keeping their souls clean and pure,
Never letting their hearts be defiled by the taint
Of evil and injustice,
And barbaric venality,
They are led by Zeus to the end:
To the palace of Kronos

courageous women, fighting often battles of the domestic sort, continuing to love & care for their children and friends and family under sometimes the most difficult of circumstances... i chose one paddle with 'fear' on it and one that was smaller and clear to represent tears... overcoming struggles, becoming a warrior in the spiritual way... the fibers are the colors of the sky, waters and things that grow... they are soft and beautiful... 

this talisman is attached to a copper bar with winding sterling wire which compositionally was necessary as a transition but symbolically represents growth... 

and i just don't know that i can part with it - 


  1. and i just don't think that you should!

    i have wanted to reply to you about the class. i am absolutely over the moon with joy for you that you took this class with susan. she is a bright spot who shares all that she is with people. there is not a hint of pretense in her. and to use her flex shaft (likely the very same one that i used so long ago and fell in love with just the same) is to touch something so right. don't you just know that you are destined to have one some day? me, too.

    this piece is so full of meaning and nuances. you must keep it as a touchstone, a portent of things to come, gifts to yourself of courage and freedome from fear and wondering.

    so moving in so many ways. and it was so thrilling to see that picture of you with lorelei...you are both so beautiful and shining always.

    thank you for sharing your uncommonly good inspiration today, mj.

    enjoy the day.

  2. Ah, MJ, this one is yours. It spoke to you your own truth. You must keep it as a talisman of your very own courageous core. Hugs, LeAnn

  3. this is fabulous..i think you should keep both pieces from class..it's so nice to look on the first..

  4. You always have the most amazing stories and background for all of your pieces. I just love them.

    And I think the universe meant this piece for you - all the signs point to it!

  5. A lovely piece.... I like the setting style you learned quite a bit, beautiful.

  6. oh wow!! this is a fantastic piece!! the composition of materials and the shape ... fascinating!

  7. I was interested when I read the symbolism for each component.

    I was absolutely blown away when I got to your commentary. Awestruck. Thoughtfully contemplated what the symbolism meant to you. Its not a piece to be sold. Gifted to someone who needs the power the piece exudes, but NEVER sold.

  8. I think this very strong piece should stay with you for a bit (if not forever). There are so many things you are experiencing right now and it speaks of overcoming a lot of things… Wonderful things!

  9. I agree with everyone else- it's yours and there's just too much meaning to part with it.

  10. Hello Mary Jane - it's been nice reading about your experience at Bead Fest....and I saw a rare photo of you on FB, I believe! :-) Your class with Susan sounded fabulous and just look at the jewelry you have already created with thsoe new skills. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love it. Beautiful work, and beautiful words shared =) I understand why you would want to keep it for yourself!

  12. its beautiful!!! i don't think i'd part with it either. :)

  13. Lovely lovely strong piece. I'm glad you shared this and spoke your inspirations~We women must be strong so often. May this bless your journey.

    I had a class with SLK two years ago....what an amazing woman. A small bundle of loving energy!

  14. It has been too long since i have popped by to say hi, I can see I have tonnes of catching up to do, I do hope you and yours are doing well.

  15. ...and I totally see why you wouldn't want to part with it! It's such a powerful piece, and I'm baffled at how you're able to do that sort of "I'm SO AMAZING" thing time and time again! Clearly, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing with your life, and it's an absolute pleasure to watch it all from my little stoop over here!

    Continued light!

  16. metalsmithing? I'm so impressed! I LOOOOVe all of your stories for your work. Really makes them come to life. xoxo Fabulous! I love the shape of this piece.. lovely.


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