27 August 2010

getting interactive

"you see things; and you say, 'why?'
but i dream things that never were; and i say 'why not?'"
~ george bernard shaw

i pass by this abandoned lot every time i drive em to work in asbury park... in the summer, we have something called sculptoure - random pieces are placed throughout town... this lot was filled with cut down telephone poles... 

at first, there were only colored sleeves placed around the poles - christo-esque... and it stayed that way for a while... 

then, the totem faces began to appear... first in one color, and then in many, some even glow-in-the-dark... and i thought that was pretty cool -

and then, this past week - there were urban cairns! (cairns are piles of stones used as markers or to mark memorial spots,  the origin of the word dates from 15th century scottish gaelic)

even superman got in on it! 

i really love this interactive piece... tonight when i got out to take pictures, i added a cairn of my own... as a memorial spot, for this is where the old palace amusements stood with the face of tillie on it... and as a marker for a place of interest and growth... the art community is so great here... 
i thank this artist for making the work so accessible... for having a vision and seeing its potential... people walking by were talking about it, and some kids made a cairn... while they may not have known what they were recreating, they were making the piece more just by participating... 

art for every day - gotta love that... 


  1. I love this! I think that there is a huge home in the world for interactive art. It enriches all of our lives.

  2. This is so beautiful! I love when people can't help but get involved!

  3. I love how the community is keeping the park's history alive through art, and the cairns echo an ancient ruin mood.

  4. that is wonderful! a great way to liven up the area!

  5. pretty cool! That is a wonderful and creative way to dress up the area - love the whole idea of it all!


  6. What a dynamic and interactive piece of art! To beautify your place in the world is the highest form of creation. And I love the cairns. I didn't know that is what they were called. There is a beach in California where there are hundreds of them. We had so much fun adding our own. Thank you for sharing this inspiration, MJ. Enjoy the day. Erin

  7. I love all the cairns that are along the hiking trails in Sedona, AZ...this is fantastic!

  8. What a great way to repurpose an eyesore!

  9. I love the interactive art and the superman cairn is just too perfect.

  10. What an interesting display! And, a great way to have an empty lot turn into a bit of art!! I'll take art over the weeds any day!

  11. It's wonderful that a public urban space like that is being used for something meaningful. What fun to leave your mark, and see how others have interacted with it! Thanks for sharing this. It makes me want to do something similar. Maybe I'll go release a bead into the wild. ♥


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