05 September 2010


a week filled with everything... none of them feeling small... 

a dear aunt diagnosed with a grave illness debilitated to the point of no normal daily activity seemingly overnight... it is there i have been - with her at appts and at home... remembering my grandmother today - for it is her birthday, the first one we have had without her... 

trying ever so hard to balance it with the kids, getting them ready for the first day of school on friday... and for the first time in over a decade, missing them at the afterschool pick up... 

learning about aging rats - and what they go through (yes, the universe loves to show you just how many balls you can keep up in the air)... and so we are making adjustments to his living arrangements... 

i have barely been on the internet, or doing anything besides being in my car going from one place to the next... 

but i had started these pieces for cycle art - a show that will be at a local used bike shop... 

my chest feeling like it is being crushed, touching this for even the moments it took to wrap a wire was a nice connection - i love nan's open hand, and it fit right into this chunky repurposed focal... 

a rusty piece which i felt was perfect for the message 'present moment'... i have plans to use old cassette ribbon and fibers... 

hope you are enjoying your labor day weekend... 


  1. Beautiful, love them. Thinking of you. Hugs, Riki

  2. these pieces are wonderful..you transformed that hand..it surprised me.
    also love the repurposed items..
    my mind is turning in that direction..
    i am so sorry for you and your aunt..
    so very sad..my thoughts and prayers are there with you..

  3. I hope you're able to take some time to relax and do something YOU thoroughly enjoy after the week you've had. Your cycle art pieces turned out awesome! Take Care! ♥

  4. i wonder if it's the time of the year that everyone gets a little reflective ... i remember autumn as being my fav season (still is), cos it was time to go back to uni from summer holidays and i really loved the uni life i'd spent in england. but yes ... it never fails to give me the feeling of "something has ended" and a new cycle is about to begin ... weird. and i'll get all reflective and romantic about autumn. :)

    the pieces you created with repurpose items are just divine ... perchance you too are moving into a different direction my fren?

  5. So sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. Your Aunt is so lucky to have you helping and caring for her when she needs it the most. You are where you are suppose to be....Hugs to you my friend.

  6. I'm glad that you could find a little release in expressing yourself through your work.

    I wonder why sometimes life just dumps on us. Would it be better if these things happened consecutively? All we can do is brace and cope then climb back up for the next go round.

    Take care and stay stong.
    xx, Carol

  7. Your beautiful heartfelt art continues to amaze me...the hand that reaches to heal, reaching from metals and science to comfort the body and soul is brilliant.

  8. so sorry for your difficult time. sending good thoughts and prayers.

  9. Sorry to hear your dear aunt is going through this! It sounds like you have been able to spend time together, and to come alongside her in practical ways. I'm sure both have lightened her load! It's good to be able to help and be close by.

    I miss my grandma too! Her birthday is next month, which is also right around the one year anniversary of her death. Marking those first milestones without them is hard, adjusting to the emotional vacuum they leave behind. And your kids growing more independent too! Lots of things shifting and we have to shift with them.

    Love your turquoise bicycle piece with the hand, something very special about it. I have to keep scrolling up to look at it again!

    Hang in there, friend!

  10. Prayers for you and your family and loved ones during this difficult time. Your art pieces are truly unique and beautiful. May you take a deep breath and stay happy and safe this Labor Day Holiday...

  11. Seems the universe is dealing out in all directions lately. Wishing much strength to deal with all the situations at hand.
    The repurposed pieces are magnificent! I so want to get back in my work space...

  12. MJ...I am holding you in my prayers, as I read your words. I am so sorry about your aunt, as I know what it is like to have a disease that pulls every bit of life out of you~my father has Parkinson's disease, and has had it for 30+ years.
    Your daughter is such a bright light....youth =)
    Love the recycled pieces...brilliant~as usual!
    Take care my friend.

  13. Both pieces are beautiful and I hope you'll find the strength to get through this rough times.

  14. i am glad that you are able to share this with us, mj. we are there with you in spirit as you wend your way down this path. sometimes it is not the path that we would have liked to take, but if we are not alone on that path we can make it through. know that i am thinking of you and sending you sunshine to peek behind the clouds.


  15. Beautiful work in spite of it all. Peace ...

  16. the circle of life is not always easy...best wishes to your aunt.
    what a handsome little man you have...
    lovely, truly works of art..you are still inspired in spite of your circumstances...

  17. I just took a huge deep breath for you after reading this post. You are going through so much right now… Take in every moment as it comes & for the emotions it brings. The pieces you make now will hold so much in them. My heart goes out to you in so many ways… Sending you hugs & many thanks for all that you continue to do (MMP new shop piece is wonderful!!!).

  18. Oh, dear Mary Jane, I wish I could give you a hug. I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt, but how lucky she is to have you, and you her, during this all too brief ride we get on Planet Earth. My weekend was filled with family love and cherished memories both new and old, of days gone by and people who have departed sooner than we ever expected. I'm glad you were able to connect with your art, even if for a moment, to renew yourself, and spend some time with loved ones.

  19. Mary Jane, I am so sorry to read you are going through such tough times right now. You will be there for your Aunt, you are one incredible niece. Doesn't it seem that things have a way of happening all at once? And oh, your aging little guy...I had a pet rat in my college days too. I have a soft spot for them as well.

  20. Heavy times, I see...so sorry. You're in my thoughts for lots of strength, clarity and purpose. Be well, friend.

  21. stay open is amazing...I'm so connected with how you moved this idea out into the world. Much love to you while you navigate through all this sorrow and confusion.

  22. the open heart held gently in the hand is my favorite pendant/charm to use and consider. aligning with and supporting your energy in this hard space we travel . xxx


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