10 September 2010

friday gratitude

grateful for:

friends who take the time to express their thoughts and feelings, extending warmth and providing support... 

my aunt getting through her repeat pet scan - the first one should couldn't tolerate for more than 3 minutes because of the pain in her back... this time she finished the full time - what a relief... they even allowed family in the room with her so we could give her progress reports and let her know how much time she had left... whatever information the report brings, at least it is a starting point for a plan... repeat biopsy on monday... 

kids getting through (and for the most part enjoying) their first week of school... 

our neighborhood kids who ride in the suburban with us in the morning and for some reason are comfortable enough in the car to yammer in front of me and even include me at times!

my wonderful family who has proven yet again that in times of trouble, the herd pulls in tight around the weakest member... 

65* mornings & open windows... 

(poor picture) these faces that greet me when i pull up - and then disappear because they are running downstairs... unless there is something really interesting going on in the nearby trees...

the realization that for the show i have tomorrow (and have not worked on at ALL) - no one knows that i make different things from last year... and that i sold pieces last year... and that i can privately view it as a moving out the old inventory sale... 


  1. always grateful to find things to be grateful for:)
    good luck with your show!

  2. Hi Maire
    Your posts are always so inspirational. Posting and remembering that you are and WHAT you are grateful for leads to us remembering that we are also grateful.

    I am glad to hear that your aunt has made progress. I was wondering how you are all doing. I'm sorry, I must also ask about your rat and how he is today also.

    Good luck at the sale. I feel sure that you will have the magnetic energy to draw the sales.
    Warmest Regards,

  3. very inspiring post as always..
    i've been keeping you in my thoughts,so much hitting you all at once.
    prayers for your aunt.
    good luck with the show..i'm laughing a little at your comment on last years designs.
    thank goodness there were some things left for this show. who hasn't done that in a pinch.

  4. Looking at the "silver lining" ... the best way to live a life.

  5. Simple things in life are the very best and thank you for reminding me to be mindful. Best of luck with your show. BTW, my very best show last year was one I did nothing at all for.

  6. Yes, gratitude will pull you thru all kinds of adversities, as well as never forgetting the arms that wrap around us from our family means more than words can express!
    Take care and please send the 65* down to Texas...
    Wish you the best tomorrow on your moving out the old sale~gotta love that =)

  7. Gratitude is so nourishing, as are families such as yours. Best of luck at your show, MJ, and glad to hear of your Aunt's courage. ((Hugs))

  8. Love the little cat face peering out the window - sweet! And, yes, I'm sure no one will notice the inventory sale except you! Abundance to you...

  9. Sending lots of good wishes for the sale tomorrow, and love to your aunt. Its so great you have family for support. Hugs, Riki

  10. your list puts me in a more mindful state.

    the fact that you have friends who love you and want to see me succeed...
    the fact that my family is well meaning even if they don't get what i am all about...
    the fact that i have a loving husband and wonderful kids who make me realize that there is a purpose that i was made for...
    that i will have time to create, and if not, that i need to let that expectation go....i like the 'secret' inventory reduction idea!
    the fact that i got the single largest check of my jewelry design career yet for my august sales.... nearly 5 times greater than any other month yet! woohoo!

    sending positive vibes your way, miss mj. i am wearing my maire earrings and they never fail to lift me up. and make me think that you are right here with me ;-)

    enjoy the day!

  11. oops. i meant 'friends who love me...' but i can be counted in the friends who love you and want you to succeed!


  12. For years I kept a gratitude journal,each night I wrote down five things I was grateful for. It was amazing years later to go through the book and see that it was always the simple things I was grateful for.
    ...rain on the roof
    ...the sweet breath of my baby
    ...the purring of a kitty

    “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

  13. Sending much love to you and prayers for your aunt!


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