12 September 2010

sunday musings

'life is what happens 
while you're busy making other plans.'
~ john lennon

- the sky did not fall down because i hadn't made any new jewelry for the show yesterday... and i did meet lots of wonderful people!

- when we push too hard and get too taxed, all it takes is one drizzly day to make you realize how wiped out you are... 

- the right tools and materials make ALL of the difference... i took a great class from susan lenart kazmer... came home all excited (so seriously excited) to use the technique at home only to fall flat on my face... i was heartsick... of course i had sawed out 2 super cool (to me) copper shapes and wrecked them in the process - live and learn... note:: hardware store flux(for soft solder) does not work on hard solder... so i got what i needed... tested it last night on scraps and proved to myself that i was able to hard solder 2 pieces of copper together... 

- as i adjusted my attitude about the show and relaxed a bit with emily i remembered that the art exhibit i had committed to was having its intake the next day while i was going to be at the show! so at 10:30pm the non-night owl was finishing her projects... 

this one got satin-y ribbon, cassette ribbon from cat stevens' buddha and the chocolate box and a long wire spiral to dangle from the bottom hole... it is a small wall hanging... 

- have you ever noticed that when you have lots of components made up and ready to go --- 

these were going to be used for earrings for the fair... 

all of a sudden you discover the need to do something else?

- a wise woman used the word 'play' recently... and i realized that in having deadlines of all sorts (and being of a more serious personality type) i was preventing myself from doing just that... everything i was doing had a purpose (not a bad thing, but over time and with no break it becomes draining)... and so today i allowed myself to experiment... and it was good... 

- now all i have to do is make those dreaded ear wires! :0)

- but i will actually have some inventory in my etsy shop when i am done... 

- what puts it all in perspective for me often is the night sky - standing beneath the vast, complex, ancient nature of it... because of the cloud cover last night we could see the 9/11 tribute in light ...  


  1. love your components
    perhaps Having to meet a deadline and the pressure of it compells the creative mind to take a turn into something more fun.

  2. the whole point of creating is to avoid being an assembly line. I am still gathering my chi. sometimes we just have to do that too. xx

  3. Hope you had a great show...it surely was a fabulous day weather wise. I'm with you all work and no play is the pits! Glad to hear you were able to "experiment" some today...it was a good day for the workshop. That's too cool that you could see the tribute light.

  4. i have to do that... play when i am in production mode! 5 beads for students, 1 for me, 5 beads for them, 1 for me. it works.

    beautiful etchings!!

  5. I'm glad you took a breathe.
    The pendulem always swings back. Sorry, in your business that probably won't be until after the holidays. Just keep your balance and refocus on giving yourself time for YOU.

  6. Soldering, a new skill you will have perfected in no time. I love your components...just think when the spirit tells you use them it will take no time to come up with some awesome pieces.

  7. i think that there is serendipity in these words. when work becomes a drudge and less like play we lose our sense of direction. i am trying to find my own. i haven't had a moment in the studio since last week wed. i will be crabby if it goes too much longer. those few daylight hours i have i am learning are not nearly enough. and now these beautiful components will become something, when it was the right time to do so.

    thank you for reminding me that when you stop and look around that you do have all you need. no one needs to make you worry about that except you and you can just stop it right now!

    thanks for sharing the memorial. i was out of touch (literally) all weekend but it shouldn't have slipped my mind.

    enjoy the day!

  8. Sometimes you just have to let your muse play. You have been making some awesome things! Beautiful!!!!

  9. Really wonderful creations Marie!

  10. Fantastic result from a little play time! I need to take your cue...much of what you said resonates with me...I think about what I "have" to make not what I want to create :)


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