16 August 2010

taking on hang ups

i have a huge problem with waste - whether it be of the material sort or immaterial (like time)... when i want to work/am driven to work, i hope to optimize my time... you know, once you can finally bring a piece into that fuzzy focus which allows you to at least begin... 

'there is no such thing as a failed experiment,
only experiments with unexpected outcomes.'
~ richard buckminster fuller

but i realized yesterday that thinking interferes with practicing... i don't want to waste materials or the time that could be spent making something that counts... but it is holding me back  - because it is really all in how you define what counts... i had mentioned that i got a bracelet mandrel... i have no problem using things around the house to improvise with - some of my favorite round shapes come from them... or buying items from the hardware store... but usually you need the right tools for the job... (yes, i know that you guys know this)... it can be a matter of expense - i have been using some really basic tools from over a decade ago and hadn't thought about it... at a class i held a pair of ruth rae's and was taken aback by the difference... 

what also interferes with practicing is a fear of failure - so yesterday i fused copper... (doesn't this all sound stupid? i am almost embarrassed to be writing it - except that i know that you have things that hold you back too)... 

wishing you a week where you might break even one of  your own little taboos... 


  1. So very true! I find my mistakes take me to more creativity and passion...most of the time:)..any way!

    Love the simplicity of the bracelets.

  2. Gosh, were we separated at birth?? I hate the waste of practice, but now realize that you must practice to perfect. My goal is to achieve something useful even when I practice, or at the very least use practice piece until it can be used no more.

  3. what kind of solder did you use? any tips? I use copper a lot in my jewelry class & would appreciiate any tips!

  4. Thank you MJ...we really DO need to hear this =)) I know I do!

  5. Me? I have no filters when it comes to tools. But I am sure that my finances wished I did! I buy tools and then never get around to using them. You should let me know if you need something because chances are good that I have one that I have never used! I would love to learn to fuse metal and do more with it. But I have this thing about flame in the house, so I have a butane torch with no butane. And I have a similar thing with chemicals. Late at night is not the time to be experimenting with these sort of things for me. But that's just me.
    how you define what counts - this is the crux of it. I mostly define it by what I like and am attracted to.

    Enjoy the day!

  6. these look great, what is that little rivet thing going on ..like that lots
    fearless experimentation is probably a good direction for a creative person...keep at it.

  7. For me, it is all about perspective. When I'm not afraid to try new things, I allow myself to stretch the boundaries of what I believe "success" to be, even if the end result isn't what I expected. Some of my very favorite pieces are "failures".

    Thanks for sharing!

    :-) Molly

  8. Hey, I know I was excited as hell when I "discovered" how to fuse copper! When I allow myself time to practice I learn so much!

  9. Yay! You're doing it! I love that you are going forward in spite of your hesitation.

    Just think of all the beautiful things you will be able to create when you have it down.

  10. I am with you on waste...surprisingly so many things I make come from not wanting to throw certain tidbits away...I save every little piece of wire too. I like the challenge of looking at something that did not cost anything and think..."hmmm what can I make with this"
    I have been teaching myself how to fuse metal too. I think if anyone ever saw my techniques they probably would laugh...I am completely self taught, I am a trial and error kind of gal.

  11. boy do i identify with both! fear of failure and thinking when it really is no longer necessary. i've always intellectualized things that scare me instead of doing/feeling them, it's a safe distance and then i can fool myself that i'm using my time productively (thinking about doing it)! (i was afraid to have a torch in the house too, Erin, but it turned out not to be a big deal! I make headpins in the kitchen with my propane torch. doesn't smell or anything. might as well be a blender.) i was wondering if you could fuse copper! yours looks beautiful and rustic MJ, like always! way to go DANGER GIRL!!!

  12. I want to break through those barriers too! I have begun my journey little by little now too… Feels great!!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are always traiblazing new techniques and the rest of us follow! You've inspired me to experiment and I hope my copper fuses as seamlessly as yours!

  14. Oops, that would be trailblazing, the blazing of many trails...which you do!


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