15 August 2010


'everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler.'
~ albert einstein

we had a family function this weekend and my mama needed jewelry... she is fair with red hair - i love her in copper... isn't it funny how you can do lots of things to a piece of metal and have it look so simple? 

decided here to put the color in the leather rather than the focal... 

and having just purchased a bracelet mandrel, i had to make something round... i wear a bracelet that i bought from barbara lewis that my mom has been eye-balling since i got it... so now she has one... have a feeling i will be playing with the mandrel for a while... see that gorgeous raku bead? that was made by mak of maku studio... 

we saw 2 movies last week - 'inception' and 'scott pilgrim vs. the world' at midnight... 

trying now to focus and settle my brain - i have entirely too many things swirling around and need to pick a place to start... 


  1. great pieces!
    i always tend to gravitate toward simple designs, so i'm loving those earrings!

  2. your blog quotes are always so inspiring.
    these pieces are wonderful..
    love the colorful leather..
    will be keeping a watch out for more bracelets in the future...that's got to be lots of fun to make

  3. Oh yes. I tell my students, simplicity equals elegance.

  4. You know what I love? How you can see something so simple, so elemental and make it into the most delicious adornment. There is no need to go over the top (try telling me that sometime) but you do such grand things with such humble materials. You always give me something to ponder.
    Enjoy the day, dear friend!

  5. I love how simple and beautiful these are. I'm always afraid people will think no effort went into simple designs,but it's not so. I bet your Mom looked great!

  6. I love the trio of colored leather, just the right amount of color. Beautiful serene pieces.

  7. You always have a new different angle...they are special!

  8. Wonderful work, Mary Jane - I just love the bracelet/bangle!
    Take care!!!

  9. Well, you know I love the pieces. The blog looks great!!


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