10 August 2010

fundametalist blog post #2

'i prefer to explore the most intimate moments,
the smaller, crystallized details we all
hinge our lives on.'
~rita dove

like those unsee-able moments when we venture forth, taking the steps from that which we solidly know, to that which is unsure... mica from fundametals has been cut to size, slightly larger than the metal sheet - stepping on to thin ice... with garnet for courage... you will be fine, just take a breath and believe... for you will undoubtedly grow... 

more fun with those washers that are carried on the site... this is a variation of the design i used in step by step wire... 

and resin - how i love ice resin... this medium constantly has me stepping out of my comfort zone... often to the point where i get frozen with doubt... and then that alter of mine issues the warning to get out of her way - and we begin...

july's abs entry wouldn't have been possible without it... 


  1. I love the mica. I have not tried it myself. I would like to. And you know what a fan I am of your resin. It is front and center, dear, on the exhibit floor. I love the thought that you put into each piece so that it is art to wear and appreciate and love.
    I wear my enameled earrings all the time and proudly tell that I know the artist. She is a friend of mine.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Wow I love the mica as well. Beautiful!!!

  3. What a cool idea with the mica. I have a ton of it left over as embellishments from my rubber stamping days - might be time to break it out. I wonder what happens when you resin it...???

  4. Are you wearing your earrings yet ? xx

  5. Mary Jane, I love the mica & metal earrings!! Your other pieces are stunning also. Thanks so much sharing with us your designs and inspiring us to to see what we can create with mica too.

  6. Oh my goodness, these are spectacular. I especially love how you've used the mica. But having said that, I've two special resin paddles of my own that I look at everyday and say a little thanks to. You handle resin in a way that is so special.

  7. You are so good at breaking boundaries beautifully and doing the unexpected...all so well!
    Fantastic pieces!

  8. these are quite lovely..
    the mica is beautiful with the garnets.
    venture forth..

  9. I am a big fan of your work...always imaginative, unique and original. You inspire!

  10. Wonderful inspiring work, Mary Jane! Absolutely gorgeous! I do wish we could make the miles disappear and meet in the studio. Take a deep breath and venture forth! xo

  11. The mica looks stunning with the garnets. It played out so nicely. Great job!

  12. 從來愛都不知它的深度,非得等到別離的時候..................................................................

  13. Mary Jane, your earrings and ABS piece are so beautiful...truly mixed media works of art with the mica, resin and fibers. You pull it all together and create such stunning jewelry.

  14. I am in LOVE with the top pair of earrings. So interesting.

  15. Your earrings are an inspiring combination of colour, media and texture.


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