05 August 2010


part of sculptoure 2010 in asbury park

'exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.'
frank borman

the august art bead scene carnival blog topic iiiis - exploration...

exploring your world with open eyes gives you new perspectives... this sculpture is created from the debris found on the beach - it is a statement about pollution... 

exploring color can take you places you never thought of - like tie dye with yellow, turquoise and lime... emily has now used every color in the spectrum! i go with the flow - my only request was to do lime and yellow in the summer when my snow white complected daughter has a bit of color! 

exploring simplicity can cause you to think 'hmmmm'... 

exploring a used bike shop (to scavenge pieces for an art exhibit) can really make you see things differently  - i spy bracelet links... 

suspension parts for pendants... thanks to kerri who owns and runs second life bikes, a community oriented shop... 

'i want to ride my bicycle.
i want to ride my bike.
i want to ride my bicycle.
i want to ride it where i like.'
~ queen 'bicycle race'

exploration is a call to freedom... 


  1. exploration is setting out on uncharted waters with only your will to persevere and your determination to carry you through...
    i love your post, mj! and those bicycle parts are making me swoon with the possibilities!
    enjoy the day!

  2. love the hair. simplicity what a theme, I have confronted that recently . What to keep what to give away ; ) hmmmm

  3. Your simplicity is gorgeous. I am very intrigued with the parts, I am sure you will summon your inner magic for those!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can see where you might go with the bike parts. Very inspiring as is Em's hair. I love that turquoise and yellow she's got going on there. So summer.

  5. Can't wait to see how you transform the bicycle parts! Exploration - simplicity - sounds intriguing!

  6. Ohh, you got me hooked with this bicycle parts. I'm eager to see them in your work. Necklace is stunning, too.

  7. You always have a new creative angle Marie!
    Some of those bicycle parts look great for an adventure in creativity!

  8. MJ...your creative spirit pushes me to think beyond myself! You truly rock my friend =))

  9. PS I think you need following ie another follower!(ME)

  10. Em's hair- my fave color combo ever! I know you'll do something amazing with the bike parts :)

  11. I LOVE it that you have encouraged your childrens creativity. My daughter is 36. When she was 13 she started experimenting with her hair in both style and color which lead to school and a license. I always let her do what she wanted, while her father still talks about some of her "dos" with a spark of disgust.

    Lets hope using discarded items in art continues to grow and educate. Its definitely a conversation starter.

  12. 教育的目的,不在應該思考什麼,而是教吾人怎樣思考......................................................................

  13. I love that you see jewelry in used bicycle parts. My favorite place to shop is the hardware store.


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