21 September 2010

who do you allow -

this is my little pile of proof - proof that i can still try to channel even when time is short... they have not been patina-ted or anything... but they sit on my table, ready... 

'sic itur ad astra'
'thus you shall go to the stars'

i made these for my friend who lost her sister to cancer 2 years ago - there is a walk this weekend and i want to have them done for her... 

inner sanctum

this is, quite possibly, one of my most favorite phrases ever (at least it speaks so much to me right now)... 

who do you allow in your inner sanctum? do you let in many? few? none? 

how does that place feel to you? do you open it and share it? do you protect it? do you hide inside of it? 

i take refuge - and let in few... this surely changes, as life changes, as circumstances change...

** just read that today is the international day of peace - what a lovely thought... have to see what people did in honor of it... and as soon as i read that i heard cat stevens in my head... nice...


  1. My inner sanctum is a quiet place where I retreat from the world and process my experiences. It's not a place where many are allowed in. Your components are lovely. I myself like making things in batches. It becomes something of a meditation.

  2. Oh Maire! You are a very good friend.

  3. I will never let ANYONE all the way in. Some have gone farther than most. The few that I know wouldn't judge. Certainly not the ones that put me on a pedistle and think I am "above" what they do. No one comes all the way in where the wounds still fester. I rarely go there myself.

  4. I wish you could see the clouds tonight! drifting high and low in the crevices between the larger mountains, there was snow on the north sides of the Swan tonight, with bright blue sky peaking here and there . It is so alive ! And that is what we are meant to experience . Life! Feel safe for a moment in your inner sanctum then gather strength and go out and share it. xxx hugs from Montana

  5. Your pieces are beautifully simplistic Maire. They say so much with so few words,

    Very very few are let in, and even fewer that are let in really understand .

  6. An inner sanctum would not be a sanctuary if many were allowed inside. Very few.
    Lovely pieces - so still and calm.
    Sending big hugs.

  7. What beautiful stamped pieces...they will be treasured. I hope you have your project completed in time for the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Just looking at your pictures of these pieces is a refreshing experience. They are so beautiful.

  9. I agree with Renate, only a small few are allowed inside. Gotta keep some things secret.

    These components are really unique and speak such big words. I'd love to see what blossoms from these.

  10. What great looking pieces - they are going to be even more awesome when patinated for sure!

    I made the mistake of letting the wrong person into my inner sanctum about 16 years ago and I'm still feeling the effects of that. Won't make that mistake again - not worth it.


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