06 October 2010

final step completed

it's all in the details... 

and what a difference this wax makes - 

shannon discusses the sealing phase in her patina tutorial and promotes a very specific wax... i understand why now... in articles i had previously read, minwax had been used... this is world's apart... 

my indigo isn't as vibrant as shannon's, so i know that i have lots to learn... but i am very happy with my first attempts at it on the bracelet... and it may turn into the first non-earring finished piece that i have made in a while!


  1. I really like how the indigo on the bracelet is muted. This sounds like it will be a practice makes perfect procedure but I think your creations are gorgeous so far.

  2. this looks great ..i know it's fun to try different things..
    and i know that wax..it's great.

  3. Maire, I am not familiar with this process, but these are beautiful...color and shape....and color!

  4. Ah, you are making me want to get my patinas out again... such lovely results.
    Hey, I didn't know you have Norwegian ancestry. What other European countries have you hidden in your wonderful person?

  5. I am enjoying reading your thoughts on the process. I plan to place an order today so that I can get busy with these new ideas swirling in my head! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. MJ~I love your bracelet and the earrings! The patina is gorgeous....a luscious mix on all three! I would love to attempt a wire only bracelet like yours ~~~

  7. *thud* That was me fainting from the gorgeousness of that coiled bracelet. Great job!

  8. the blue and copper are simply yummy ! Keep up the good work ! xo


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