30 October 2010

hair and make up...

new color - done last night... 

em is on her way to the studio - today the nj zombie walk is on the boardwalk in asbury and  they have been given permission from the guiness book of world records to make an attempt... 4200 zombies are what they are hoping to get... 

of course she is participating! i made sure though that one profile wasn't horrifying... she is working after all... 

infection site... 

i cannot handle scary movies - or gross scenes... em is my screener & tells me when to look away... but truth be told - i love doing the makeup... 


  1. What fun. I love the purple hair!! Even temporarily semi permanently. I have been gradually going lighter to cover the grey and think a purple steak is just what I want.

    Hope they make the record. I think I was reading about someplace else that tried this week and missed but everyone had fun!!

    Happy Halloween.

  2. wow your makeup skills are amazing..
    she's going to get a lot of comments on her outfit.
    i can't see scary stuff either..stays in my head tooo long.

  3. she looks perfect...what a great job you've done! love the haircolor!!!i love costumeing up my boys too! fun, fun, fun!

  4. I love the color. My daughter did the red thing! Looks great, hope she likes it to.

  5. Em looks beautiful! Love the hair ... Jim almost had a heart attack when he saw the open wounds ... I had to tell him they weren't real! So, I'd say they're a success!

  6. Eeeewww...you are good! I love Em's hair it is so cute! I hope all the zombies come out in full force tonite!

  7. Whoa, great hair color and groovy makeup, but the gaping wounds...must eat brains...mmmmm...yesssss

  8. you are the coolest mom ever. and i would be with you on the looking away part.
    we went to a costume party last night. i should have taken a picture of me in my 'wicked wig' as it said on the package. i had black ringlets with strands of purple, but not as nice as em's hair.
    someone thought i was being 'snooki' ugh. really?

    enjoy the day!

  9. I stopped by specifically because I knew there'd be a peek of Em in her spooky finest! She's gorgeously gruesome :)

  10. I don't watch horror movies - can't take them.
    You are so skilled with the makeup, unbelievable. I love em's new colour - it is so perfect for her.

  11. You did a great job! I hope she had a good time.

  12. That looked so real I gasped in dismay at the pain and then caught myself. Whew!

  13. Great job with the hair color and makeup!

    Briana, my daughter would love this event of the zombies..they are her favorite! I can't do the horror stuff either. Her favorite question to me is "If there were only zombies or vampires left, which would I want to be?" She says zombies rule!
    I always pick vampires

  14. Oh, yes the hair is great! Now the wounds caught me off guard~they looked REAL!

  15. I totally forgot about it this year! I could've sworn it was on Sunday, but when I read the APP, I saw it was Saturday. You looked very authentic! And I didn't realize you lived in my area. Cool. :)

  16. Just plain scary! Great make up artistry!



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