03 November 2010

celebrating life

how can we celebrate every day?
with gratitude - 
no matter how bad things can seem, there is always something to be thankful for... 

with purpose -
time is short, life is short - do something everyday that you can be proud of... it doesn't have to be big, just meaningful...

with love -
sometimes love gets buried under all kinds of waxy build up... and it seems hard... life can be difficult... but the crazy heart knows that love is the easiest thing of all to do... what or who we love differs from person to person, but the emotion is present for all to experience... so maybe the crazy heart is not so crazy after all...


  1. Wonderful charms~~My favorite is "Gratitude Opens" which really resonates with me this morning. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for inspiring hope and lifting up. Hope your day is blessed!!

  2. Beautiful and so true! Life is too short to not focus on the positives.

    I just saw the post with Em. Your makeup skills are amazing!!! :)

  3. 'waxy buildup'
    that phrase just tickles my mind.
    there are layers of love, some are waxy, hazy some are rusty and crusty. there are jagged edges to any real love, and it is rarely tied up in a pink box with a big lacy bow. the real love, the kind that is tried and true will see through the rust and haze and celebrate the rounded corners and the sharp edges just the same.
    i am sending love your way, you crazy heart you.

  4. Love it! Just opened my sadly neglected gratitude journal yesterday to get myself back on track. Thanks for being you and being there.

  5. A wonderful sentiment and view of life that we should all carry within! Gorgeous disks!

  6. I like this series a lot.
    Its not like anyone elses that I have seen.
    Live with Intention....yes

  7. Aaaaah, you crazy heart! Love you.

  8. WOnderful thoughts... such a simple philosophy!

  9. A popular gratitude exercise is "counting one’s blessings" for sure.

  10. These are the beginnings to something great ...

  11. these are beautiful charms...both in thought and design. my favorite is live with intention.. very powerful.


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