10 November 2010

acuppla things -

counts as a word when you are sick - says me!

a couple of things going on -

today is the 'big reveal' at the painting with fire ning group bead swap... very interesting work being posted - these are always so much fun to look at... some find me gazing in wonder at the 
way a piece was integrated or interpreted... 

i was fortunate to be the recipient of patricia decardenas' work... she sent to me this pendant and some autumn colored beads... i was so smitten with the pendant that i chose to focus upon that...

the palette, texture and theme were so softly spoken - i wanted to keep the vibe going... so i kept my end of it pretty simple... 

i have a feeling i am going to have to fight (not fight, this is a peace piece, right?) work with emily in a civilized mediation to see who wears it today... 

thank you, patricia - this was really lovely to work with... and so perfect for me... 

on the ring front - i got the urge to make a spirit rattle ring, a mindfulness ring... on the band it reads 'present moment'... 

but really, it is about how the present moment ties into the infinite... 

infinite moments, infinite energy, infinite connections... 

and this is what it sounds like::

i would like to thank the talented nan emmett for sharing her thoughts on this with me... she is so knowledgeable - and makes ceramic spirit rattles that sell all over the u.s...

this beautiful excerpt is from the 'magic of findhorn' by paul hawken::

“The earth, once white and molten, represents a thought. It was a fire in the heavens, glowing as a sun, visited by the Deva of the Wind which came and blew across the surface, playing with the Fire Deva until all was mediated. The Deva of Water and Rain formed and collected in the skies and fell to earth.
Great clouds of steam issued forth from the surface, the skies were enlivened and heavy with its presence, and across the surface the Wind Deva began to cool, carve, and chisel away at the crust of the planet. It created pools and eddies, lakes and streams, and bigger bodies which we know as oceans.
With each successive change, a new Deva or impulse came forth until, like a procession, did the Earth receive the new hosts, each Deva bringing with it a variation of life ever present in the divine potential.
The Earth prepared itself to receive and serve the thought of a man and a woman. The Earth would be their temple and guardian; the heavens would be their guide and vision. Humans affirmed the link between the infinite spirit and the totality of matter. They related from the highest spiritual planes to the most concrete levels of form.
The Earth was for humanity to enshrine, to make holy, to blend their unique qualities and work as a family in cooperation with the Devas, the spiritual stewards of the planet.”


  1. i'm so excited about your ring..the video worked just fine..i heard the little shakers..
    that excerpt from paul hawken was lovely.
    your necklace is yummy.

  2. The necklace is pure poetry.
    And the ring - I want to see the top! Incredible, you are!

  3. so lovely. that little shake as a gentle reminder of that your presence is most wanted in the present moment. i love the idea of the stamping on the band...and now there can be a new face of letters in your art ;-)

    enjoy the day!

  4. Patricia's pendant is fabulous, and your creation gives it high honor. *Love* your spirit rattle ring. Now you have a multi-media blog for sure! :-) Feel better...

  5. Wow, so much in your post today. I am still soaking it in! I hope you are better. Corey has had a bug since Friday.

    I love the fiber you used in the pendant chain. But the ring! A reminder that you are but a pin point in eternity. I want to see the top too!!

  6. I dont't know what I love more - the ring or the necklace.

  7. That's a lovely piece you made with the enamel, and I agree -- with a pendant like that, what you did was just perfect!

    The ring is TERRIFIC. I love rings with messages.

  8. Beautiful necklace, love these swaps so much fun. Can't wait to participate next time!

  9. Great necklace! You really set off the simple beauty of the pendant. :-)

  10. Wow, don't know which I like more. They are both stupendous. That pendant is so darn cute. Hugs, Riki


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