08 November 2010

the object of my affection -

'really?' you might be asking... 'that?'

yes, this ring is the object of my affection right now - i have plans for revisions in color and details... but it is a start... 

i am fond of the rings with the domed tops... but as soon as i made them, i wanted to open them up... 

'open up my head and let me out'
~ dave matthews
so much to say

those lines have been haunting me for weeks...

what i have also realized is that lee bontecou's influence is being seen... she hijacked my brain in the most beautiful way in april... 

we were fortunate enough to see her exhibit at moma...

her desire was to create art that celebrates 'as much of life as possible - no barriers - no boundaries - all freedom in every sense'... my heart pounds just thinking about the possibilities... her thoughts and work move in such a powerful way... 

and while i wonder where this is all going, i am going to try not to over think it... i wasn't even cognizant of my intention when i ordered the soot black patina from shannon - 

here are the apples of my eye - and hijackers of my heart... we went to the camden aquarium yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves... aquariums are so relaxing... 


  1. 'hijackers of my heart'
    that gives me goose bumps!
    your love for them is so palpable even way over here.
    i wish we had some places like that here.
    i did go to the central wisconsin film festival on friday (just one of three). it was so much fun to be inspired by the story and light and movement of another medium.
    i am very intrigued by this exhibit you went to. someday i will come visit you and we can go to museums and antique stores and be blown away together by the awesomeness that is art.

    enjoy the day!

  2. It's like a vessel. It has just enough open to make you want to peer inside and see if there is a surprise.

  3. Her work is amazing ... very lyrical and fun ... but so is your ring. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. LOVE going to the aquarium. In fact, it's about time for me and the kid to hit our local one again soon!

  5. Your open domed piece is drawing me in. I love how art of all types inspires your creativity. Happy creating...

  6. I love this post, the sculpture is amazing. I love it. How freeing. Can't wait to see your ring finished, and your darlings are darling. Hugs, Riki

  7. Love aquariums. And aqua-terr-iums (don't know if that is a word... a terrarium with an aquatic living area)!
    Love your inspiration.
    And your ring.


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