06 November 2010

another one -

finished - and the ideas are still coming... 

rings are very addicting to me - now if i only had the sense to make myself multiple bands, base discs, etc ahead of time... instead i do them each time... but then, i don't even have head pins made up ahead to use... maybe some day... 

in the comments on the love my art jewelry blog, it was mentioned that i must have been in my happy place... and it's true... it felt so very good to be working like that... the kids were off of school but entertained with friends... 

this ring is now available in the my mom pattie etsy shop - a fundraising boutique in memory of marsha neal's mother... 

'happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp,
but which,
if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.'
~ nathaniel hawthorne


  1. Stunning! Your muse is in overdrive. Happy extra hour creating...

  2. Beautiful ring, love the varied textures and mediums. Yes, I know what you mean about creating one piece at a time...I tried the assembly line technique and that didn't last too long...easily distracted by sparkly things!

  3. I've been waiting and now completely rewarded with what would become of the little Marsha ring. This is lovely!

  4. This ring is magnificent! I love everything about it. Your muse is definitely dancing with you.
    Funny, I commented yesterday on the LMAJ post - but Blogger seems to have rejected the comment... sigh.

  5. these new rings are fabulous,
    especially love what's going on in this latest one.

  6. Very cool ring! I usually do not make components up ahead either I do it as I go. You are on a roll girl, keep it up!

  7. All of your rings are GREAT! Looking forward to seeing what the muse is up to this week.

  8. Don't you love it when you're on a roll? I don't make components ahead of time either...to be quite honest...it bores me...I'd rather make them as I need them, it keeps me in my muse. Your rings are wonderful!

  9. Oh, MJ - You are brilliant! I am so happy to see the work you are coming out with! Keep at it!!! And thanks for adding it to the My Mom Pattie shop!


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