06 November 2010

what happens when you give me a deadline?

find out at the love my art jewelry blog!


  1. Love it! 2 domed pieces, concave and convex? Brilliant!
    Are you up early or did you pre-schedule?

  2. From the sound of things (over on the LMAJ blog), you are up early, meeting your deadline. I've got my fingers crossed, just in case.

  3. yes. i work to the outer limits of a deadline. and give me no deadline and i drag my feet. that is happening right now on three very open ended projects. must.get.back.to.creating!
    enjoy the day!

  4. Don't we all work best under pressure of a deadline - I know I do! Your creations are amazing dear friend - I so love your artistry! Congrats on being featured in so many places - you are deserving of all the recognition as your work is outstanding.


  5. Fantabulous ring! I am a girl who needs a deadline or nothing would get done!

  6. beautiful work!
    i hate deadlines. they do get my butt in gear, but i hate the stress of it.

  7. Very nice texture here MJ!
    I guess we are all in the same boat when it comes to deadlines aren't we?? LOL.


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