22 November 2010

infinite moment

'the infinite is in the finite of every instant.'
~ zen proverb

an expansive way of thinking - filled with possibility... and responsibility to ourselves and others...

spectrolite (gemstone quality labradorite) is used to dispel negativity and provide clarity of thought... 

this necklace is being offered as the monday giveaway at the love my art jewelry site... follow this link to find out how you can make it your own...


  1. This piece is perfection in design and depiction of a finite moment.

    I saw it on the LMAJ blog and have been thinking ever since. I'll have to go back and see how others define a infinite moment.

  2. love this beautiful necklace.
    don't think i've really considered an infinite moment.

  3. Awesome and so artistic! I love how you added the gemstone.

  4. Another infinitely thoughtful piece of beauty!
    And now, my word verification: turne
    To every thing, there is a season...

  5. Awesome - hopping over to the other blog:-)

  6. love this.. heading over to the other blog to take my chances!

  7. that's a beautiful piece my fren ...

  8. So beautiful, I read the quote a few times to take it all in. Thanks, MJ-the Universe seems to steer me to the places and people I need most when I most need them.


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