23 November 2010

all in a(n x # of) days' work...

stop, start, stop, start... 

make components, set them aside... 

and then you have a day where some of them grow up... 

'moonlight is sculpture.'
~ nathaniel hawthorne

gratitude opens

embrace uncertainty

the nature of a woman

strong and beautiful... worn by time but gleaming with a patina that comes from experience and living... intuitive, soft, wise... moonstone and labradorite used for their metaphysical properties...


  1. lovely..
    saw the bead trends tonight..woot woot.

  2. Love the "embrace uncertainty" earrings - very fitting for my life right now - do you plan to put them in your shop?

  3. embrace uncertainty..I never did THAT well!
    Nice work.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. All good, but I gotta say, embrace uncertainty really resonates with me at this moment in my life. And truly, I am trying to do that. I am always inspired by how you use words in a pared down way to get to the essence.

  5. All so very beautiful, but 'moonlight is sculpture'... love that one!!!!

  6. beautiful pieces.. love your poetic words and verses! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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