25 November 2010

not to go unspoken/written

gratitude opens

'silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone.'
~ gertrude stein

this community means so very much to me... not merely as the place we play show and tell (though i really do love that)... but a place where we connect and share our lives to different degrees... our thoughts, our dreams, our struggles... i mean where else could i muse upon the things i do and get supportive feedback in return? my kids stick with me for a bit... but it is here that we open up... 

life for many people can be isolating - by design or by location... and with a computer we are set free...

i am grateful that i spent the morning with my kids - we are only all together for breakfast and through the macy's thanksgiving day parade... a divorced family - i traded thanksgiving dinner in order to have halloween each year... life is a compromise... so i made stuffing and brownies yesterday... and pancakes this morning... 

we watched the charlie brown thanksgiving special last night - and it makes me laugh how the commentary changes as they grow...

 i am grateful for the 14 yr. old man/child who has me in training for the olympic patience competition... i believe i have a shot at placing... 

for the blossoming young woman who is the apple of her brothers' (& my) eyes...  and who is so patient with her whirlwind of a little brother who has been a miracle in his own right and for whom i could not imagine my life without... 

i am grateful...


  1. Such a lovely post -- with heartfelt love, thanks. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you for sharing so generously of yourself. You are a gift.

  3. My youngest grandson is 13 which IMHO is the witching (not to be confused with BEwitching) age for boys. My sweetest young man has become a covert smartmouth (followed with a silly grin) making it hard to make a reprimand sound serious.

    And I love those moments that are sacred when you see them sharing a brotherly moment, or the older one bestows a quick hug on his younger brother.

    I am also grateful.
    and thank you for your friendship.

  4. And we are grateful for you and your honesty you share. Your creativity always inspires. Blessings to you...

  5. Thank you for sharing your insights, talents, and friendship! There is nothing better than family, and your picture is the epitome of that!

  6. i don't know what lucky star led me to you, maire, but i cannot begin to express the gratitude i feel that i found you. or you found me. treasures found indeed.

    your day sounds delightful and filled with all that it should... food, fun, family.

    thank you for being the person that i love to be connected to. you mean the world to me.


  7. lovely post,wonderful kids,great to be reminded of the good things in our lives.

  8. very heartfelt post Mary Jane. There is nothing like the love of a child...I'm sorry you've had to make such compromises with respect to your time with your kids. It's so hard when we give everything we've got for our children and then to have to sacrifice like you must on this holiday. You've got such a grounded outlook on life..it's always a pleasure to come here.

  9. Your blessings are many my dear friend, and your words are always a comfort to me, like a warm hug and a smile.

  10. Even though your time together today was shorter than you would have liked, it is so clear how much you treasure the time you do have. Thank you for always reminding us how to slow down and appreciate the important things life. Our children do require serious patience at times but they are our true treasures. Glad to head you made stuffing, BTW....it is my favorite dish!

  11. these earrings are fabulous! Might just be my favorites! Love the photos of your children - they are adorable! (patience is a virtue my friend~~!)



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