26 November 2010

thoughts and things born in solitude

'he who is brave is free.'
~ seneca

and borrowing from ruth rae i will share a desk view... why a striped tablecloth? because 4 years ago i started working on it and have never cleared it off to remove it... simple!

'there is something about the presence of a cat...
that seems to take the bite out of being alone.'
~ louis camuti

(even when they lay on the things that you are trying to get to)


  1. A tribute to all those who strive to be brave.

  2. I'm feeling brave today, how about you?

  3. I love seeing your workspace and yes...a cat is such a comfort. Happy weekend to you...

  4. What a good helper you have there. I love the stripped tablecloth. Hope your holiday was fabulous. Hugs, Riki

  5. Love the glimpse of where you make your magic. A cat imparts coziness, wherever it happens to be. Bravery is a strange thing and usually quite different from what we expect it to be.

  6. We don't have cats anymore and miss them. This photo is like getting to borrow yours for a moment. The middle of where you least need them is one of my favourite things about cats. So independent. We should all be a little cat like.

  7. Love your kitty...they are so funny! We have three and my baby just loves to get on my messy work table and steal things, he is like a bull in a china shop. I have never not had a cat in all my years. I love the quote!


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