27 November 2010

is it me...

or is this an incredible color? surprises like this are wonderful -

 'everything has its beauty,
but not everyone sees it.'
~ confucius

i hope i can do it again - think i'll go try... 
hope your weekend brings you surprises and joy...


  1. the subtle blues and greens are wonderful!! hope you can repeat!!

  2. ooooh so pretty! Love the layers of colors and textures. Will these be earrings? Have fun recreating!

  3. Oh these colors are always beautiful to me. They are my heartthrob colors. Happy creating...

  4. Yeppers, that is incredible. I can almost taste, smell, hear that colour! Hope you can do it again. But then maybe that's the elusive magic? Gorgeous!

  5. This is a color that there are no words for, but looking at this you can truly FEEL the color! Very gorgeous!

  6. i so want a day to play with my patinas. i saw what judy did too and it blew me away. that is precisely the look that i want. a subtle wash of color, but i need to etch some metal first!

    i do hope that i can have tomorrow. i have been absent from the projects that i want to do for so long.

    enjoy the day, thanks for sharing!

  7. like sunlight filtering down through the deep blue sea - soooo beautiful.


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