29 November 2010

ever watchful

the goddess hera is most commonly known as the greek olympian wife of zeus... depicted as shrewish, she has gotten a seriously bum rap... for hera as a goddess predates even zeus... her mythology goes back to matriarchal cultures... a strong and powerful woman who was identified as the mother goddess... 

the peacock was one of her symbols... it was representative of her watchfulness over women... there is an eye in its feathers... 

when i work with these patina colors, i think of the peacock... and of hera... these earrings were designed to act as a talisman - to remind one of their inherent strength... strength to be used for good, for protecting oneself and others, for standing up for one's beliefs... 

citrine was chosen as a manifesting stone - assisting one to see clearly and then take action... 

'someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us,
and then we'll need no other light.'
~ johann wolfgang von goethe

inner sanctum revisited... i like the way these pendants can be touched, warming to the heat of the body... a glimmering blue topaz captures and glows with light... 


  1. This is some of your BEST work yet. I love the color you are using..deeper..more vibrant. Its almost like it breathes its own life! You have come so far in the last year, its hard to imagine what your work will be at the end of the coming year.

  2. I knew you'd do great things with the patinas! Those peacock earrings are just to die for!

  3. Stunning colors, so rich and deep. You always pair the most wonderful gems with your metal work.

  4. Truly amazing stuff MJ! I want to cradle each and every one of these pieces in my hand. They are so strong yet comforting at the same time.

  5. Not only do I LOVE LOVE LOVE those earrings....I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the message...we should all embrace our inner strength :O)

  6. Your colors are amazing visual reminders of power and strength in enduring beauty, the adornment should always speak of the artist and the adorned.

  7. I have gotten a moment - the first in days to catch up with my blog list… And SO in love with those earrings. I remember back in school (like 6th grade - 20+ years ago) we read a mythology play and I was picked to read the part of Hera… I was always impressed by the power she had & was drawn to something about her presence. Your work MJ is breathtaking…
    As always I admire how much goes into each piece you create…
    Thank You!!!

  8. Love the new pieces MJ...love the story behind the inspiration =))

  9. I think the warmth in your pieces comes from within you.
    The earrings are beautiful, filled with meaning and lovely color, as well as that gorgeous pendant.
    I want to thank you so much for your kind and heartfelt comment MJ.

  10. Each piece you create is so unique and beautiful. These are stunning. Happy creating...

  11. Perfect - just perfect! I hear the message.
    And those colours are magnificent. You play them like music instruments - so inspiring!

  12. Such beautiful new earrings and necklace, Mary Jane. You are on such an incredible creative streak...can you send some of that creative energy my way? :-) I enjoyed the correlation to the peacock (and what beautiful patinas here!)...it reminded me of living in Monterey, CA - there were peacocks that roamed freely at the base there.

  13. it just keeps getting better and better and better and...

    well, you know the rest ;-)


  14. I'm jumping on the band wagon, GORGEOUS creations. Inspirational!!!


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