30 November 2010

findings have their place

diane cook and brass bouquet owner jill sponsored a 'with one finding' challenge through today (perhaps my only consistency in is life making a deadline on the deadline date)...

it is inspired by the leaf covered forest floor... shafts of late afternoon light... rich soil... and the forgotten treasures that lie beneath it... 

i had not worked in a vintage-y way in a long time... what drew me to this challenge was being able to alter the finding with, you guessed it, patina! shannon writes about this process in her color drenched metal tutorial... i riveted the filigree onto an etched piece of brass... in my stash i have some beads from a chandelier... and i used silks from lisa jurist ... 

'the essence of life is finding something you really love
and then making the daily experience worthwhile.'
~ dennis waitley


  1. Your bracelet is beautiful. I especially like this quote today. Also thank you for sharing the links to learn more. Happy creating...

  2. Love the bracelet, even if it is not your typical style. Love the photo and love love love the descriptin!! Beautiful!

  3. wow...this is gorgeous.. you are on a creative infused journey! love the style. true quote.

  4. MJ....your bracelet is truly inspiring, as always =) Isn't that the essence of a challenge? Indeed it is. You flew thru it with flying colors!! Thanks so much for participating =))

  5. Now THIS I LOOOOOOVE! Truly love! Really love it!

  6. You've just made vintage very contemporary. Love the inspiration of the forest floor. I can see it.

  7. This turned out LOVELY! I loved the way you took the vintage look and translated it to your style. Creativity can work with so many different parameters! Way cool~~

  8. Darling lovey you have captured the forest floor! xxxx


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