02 December 2010


thank you tatia meyer of bead trends for inviting me to be your designer highlight for december... i just got my issue in the mail yesterday with the jewelry i submitted... 

the photography, as always, is lovely... they do such an incredible job... it was my honor to be featured and i appreciated the opportunity to push myself in different way... i hope you can take a look at it - you will see that i brought along some friends - barbara lewis, shannon levart, nan emmett & mika collins - in making the 10 finished pieces that they requested... 

yesterday completely got away from me - it was world's aids day and i had wanted to mention this... thank you to lisa jurist for being on the ball... 

i am not going to parrot what she said... but i did have a similar thought - our youth know almost nothing about aids... while almost all of us know someone or of someone who died of the disease... let us not forget this pandemic...  

the past number of days' vacuum had to do with supporting my eldest... she has a chronic condition that can leave her feeling unwell... she started college this fall and has been working hard... but an assignment felt daunting to her (just because she didn't have the energy) - so i sat with her and we talked about it... for her psych class she chose to write a paper on 'awakenings' the book/film by dr. oliver sacks and dopamine... we had watched this incredibly moving film together... but in reading the book i was dumb struck by the power of the human spirit... one of the patients says 'well-being is enoughness'... and he is right...  

in our society 'enoughness' often gets tangled up with a measure in the material sense... but this is not what he was speaking of... i was humbled by these people... and am still reading the book... the doctor is a world changer... quietly going along, helping and touching people... making a difference... exactly what we all should aspire to be like - what i so very much aspire to be like... to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem... 

so thank you em, for allowing me to help you when you needed it... because moms don't always know how to help kids as they get older... we are at the ready, watching you grow and cheering for you as you take on the world... but never forget that we are there in your corner, always... 

and if i am disciplined enough today to open up some time, this is what i have waiting...


  1. great post..
    congratulations of the bead trend magazine.
    your work is beautiful..
    and these new components are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Marie -

    Congratulations to you on your feature in Bead Trends! I got my copy last week and was so excited to share the article about you and the gorgeous pages of stunning artwork you created with my family and friends. You put so much of yourself into your jewelry; I am always inspired by it and by the thoughts you put behind your pieces.

    Thank you for this beautiful post - 'well-being is enough-ness' is going to be my mantra this week...

    :-) Molly

  3. Congrats! Bead Trends is always late arriving here but I'll be looking for it. I understand just what you mean about not always knowing how to help your older child. In retrospect it was so much easier to comfort a crying toddler with a skinned knee. A kiss and a cuddle. But maybe that's the best thing you can do with the older child too? So I will send some mummy hugs to Em and you.

  4. Just wanted to say congrats on the Bead Trends article. I received my copy this week, and your designs are beautiful.

  5. You do make a difference - every day, with all you give - to your children, your friends.
    Congratulations to being the featured designer in this publication!!! ;)

  6. Beautiful post to ponder and beautiful jewelry to gaze upon...congratulations on your accomplishments.

  7. Congrats from me too. I didn't know about it..why can't you toot your horn once in a while! I'll look for the mag. Its not common around here.

    I remember when they first discovered aids...my daughter was in kindergarten. A new disease that caused sores on the chest...they didn't know what caused it. Can you tell that I have been reflecting on things that happened in my lifetime. 60 years to remember takes a looooonnng time!

    Well, each year I have a new years resolution. It never changes. Be a Better Person This Year Than I Was Last Year. Thankfully, it is a resolution that I have been able to keep.

  8. I saw your feature in the magazine and it was fantastic! Congrats to you and kudos to Bead Trends for showcasing such a wonderful talent!

  9. Congratulations on Bead Trends! I know it was a lot of work ... that you enjoyed very much. Thanks for bringing some of us along for the ride. On Monday I drove from Florida to Maryland with David, my son who turned 25 today. I said, "David, do you know that they didn't even diagnose the first cases of AIDS until the early 1980's?" It's amazing to me how that disease has affected our culture. St. Pete has a very thriving Gay community, which has brought a very enriching experience for the Lewis family.

  10. Congratulations on your not only being published but on being the December Featured Artist! Bead Trends is such an amazing publication and your art is truly a perfect match. Thank you for sharing your learning and strength to help your daughter in her journey of life. Happy weekend to you...

  11. I am so excited to see this issue and all of your amazing creations! I am so happy you had this great honor.

    Thanks for that great post...We have the same thoughts and feelings, you always express yours so well. Your writing is like poetry.
    I think your Em is an amazing strong girl, like her dear Mom.

  12. a heart rendering post... i agree that as our kids get older helping becomes more challenging but i think you know how to do it better than you give yourself credit for...your daughter sounds like a very strong young lady and you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    congrats on bead trends.. i wish you would have shown us your photos.

    thanks for mentioning world aids day... i like the graphic you used too.

  13. Congratulations on your article! And thank you for this thoughtful post..."enoughness"...I need to carry this word in my heart today. Bless you!

  14. Congratulations, and what beautiful disks!


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