04 December 2010

what words cannot express

'let your mind start a journey through a strange new world.
leave all thoughts of the world you knew before.
let your soul take you where you want to be...
close your eyes and let your spirit start to soar,
and you'll live as you've never lived before.'
~ erich fromm

incorporating words is integral to my work - imparting meaning... the message can be obvious, or more obscure...

when i don't use words,  intention is imparted by the gemstones i choose - but i will say up front that i reach for the stones first and then look them up to see if they are what i need... usually they are... 

it's funny, i was never a sparkly person - but gemstones have a hold on me... and i love the contrast they provide to rustic metal work... the play of fragile strength... 

these earrings ended up being worn by me - well, a person really should know how things hang and feel after all... 

iolite is one of my favorites - this blue violet colored gem provides guidance... it is believed to help us connect to our souls... 

andalusite is brown-green and allows one to view their character and personal issues without fear or bias... 

both stones have the property of pleochroism - which means that they change color as the stone is rotated... kind of like we are... in our thoughts and moods...  

sometimes we are drawn to certain stones at different times, or sometimes to one in particular... have you ever looked up the metaphysical properties of your stones? you may be interested by what you learn... 


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I think it is wonderful that you are wearing them.
    Did you get my email?

  2. I love when you discuss your process.

    Terry gave me a black hills gold ring with an iolite center for our 25th wedding anniversary. Its been my favorite stone ever since.

  3. how coincidental...i am always looking up meanings and symbols that i want to attach with a message in my work. i like knowing that subtle connection is there as it validates my pieces. I can see we share a similar creative process.
    these earrings are stunning works of art... and i always enjoy your thought processes behind your pieces. I often don't divulge such things for some reason....

  4. love it. your soul awakens mine, miss mary jane!
    the very first piece i had a vision with was for my college roommate then going through breast cancer. i knew that there had to be healing gemstones, did a ton of research. gave her the meanings for each. iolite is a favorite. i am not familiar with the other. i love the meanings associated with stones and should get out my books about that. thanks for the inspiration!
    enjoy the day!

  5. It sounds like Erich Fromm was on to the whole manifest your world idea. GORGEOUS ( I love to type big ) earrings. truly fab my darling.xxx

  6. i've never been into much sparkle either, but i too love the look of gemstones with rustic oxidized silver. i think my favs are labradorite and aquamarine(my birthstone).
    the colors in your earrings are gorgeous, lovely work.


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